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TP9      Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology.
E685        (Kirk-Othmer) 
1978        Covers energy, health, safety, toxicology; new
Sci Ref  materials such as polym╝rs, composites, enzymes, 
         fibers, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.  Gives
         detailed physical and chemical properties for each
         substance.  Uses both SI and English units and 
         includes RN numbers.

TA402    Encyclopedia o┤ Materials Science and Engineering.
E53         Covers superconductors, electrical and electro-
1985     nic, nuclear, magnetic, optical, biomedical,
Sci Ref  dental, building, and electrical materials.  Gives
         electrical, magnetic, optical, photovoltaic,
         mechanical, and tribological properties. 
         Discusses processing behavior, biocompatibility,
         and corrosion resistance.

TP1087   Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering.
E46 1985    Gives general, dynamic, physical, and chemical
Sci Ref  properties.  Also provides toxicity data.

RS51     The Merck Index
M4 1976     Provides physical data, pharmacological proper-
Sci Ref  ties, and toxicity.  Gives structures for and
Ask at   references with each compound.  Well indexed.


QD65     CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.
H3          Covers inorganic and organometallic compounds.
Sci Ref  Includes molecular weight, color, crystalline
         form, melting and boiling points, density, refrac-
         tive index, and solubility.  Contains extensive
         vapor pressure tables for water and other

QD65     The Chemist's Companion: A Handbook of Practical
G64         Data.
Sci Ref     Includes properties of molecular systems and
         atoms, kinetics, spectroscopy, chromatography,
         experimental techniques, etc.  Gives hard to find
         data such as bond lengths, interbond angles, force
         constants, solvents for crystallization, wave-
         length - wavenumber conversion.  Contains
         extensive treatment of atomic and molecular 

QD95     Handbook of Spectroscopy.
H27         Includes data from electron and photoelectron
Sci Ref  spectroscopy; data related to x-ray spectroscopy;
         and molecular spectra.  Has author and subject

TP151    Lange's Handbook of Chemistry.
H25         Has especially good coverage of natural
Sci Ref  products.  Contains tables of physical properties
         for alkaloids and glucosides and tables for
         commercial organic compounds.  Gives physical
         properties such as color, density, melting and 
         boiling points.  Lists specific gravity of
         aquaeous inorganic salts at various concentra-

TA459    Metals Handbook
A5          Covers mechanical properties (tensile strength,
Sci Ref  hardness), physical properties (damping capacity,
         coefficient of thermal expansion), and chemical
         composition.  Uses SI units with U.S. equivalents.

TP151    Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook.
P45         Includes physical and chemical, thermodynamic,
1984     transport, and mechanical properties.  Contains
Sci Ref  data on industrial chemicals and a detailed index.

Tables and Atlases

QD257.7  Atlas of Spectral Data and Physical Constants for
G7          Organic Compounds.
1975        Covers 21,000 compounds, for which gives proton
Sci Ref  NMR, C-13 NMR, IR, UV, mass spectral data, and
         physical constants.  Includes literature referen-

QD481    Atlas of Stereochemistry.
K64         Provides access to the absolute configurations
1978     of chiral molecules.  Covers organic and organo-
Sci Ref  metallic stereochemistry; excludes metal
         complexes. Gives literature references through

QD504    CODATA Key Values for Thermodynamics.
C62      Contains 151 key chemicals with key values. 
1989     Data selected is critically evaluated by
Sci Ref  international experts.

Q199     International Critical Tables of Numerical Data.
N32 Index   Covers the literature through 1924.  Includes
1933     critically evaluated date, physical constants and
Sci Ref  properties used by chemists, physicists, and
         engineers.  Contains a detailed index.

QD511.8  JANAF Thermochemical Tables.
J3 1986     Includes thermodynamic properties for over 
Sci Ref  1,000 chemicals.

QC61     Landolt-Bornstein physikalisch-chemische Tabellen.
L3          Consists of separate volumes on nuclear 
1923     physics, atomic and molecular physics, crystal Sci
Ref      structures and solid state physics, macroscopic
         properties, geophysics and space science, and
         astronomy and astrophysics.

QD65     The NBS Tables of Chemical Thermodynamic
N3          Properties.
Sci Ref     Covers 14,000 substances.  Gives data of
         enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs energy, heat capacity.  
         Also provides properties of aqueous solutions
         and pure compounds.

QD65     SI Chemical Data.
A9       Covers only common substances used by under-
1971     graduate chemistry students.  Good source for
Sci Ref  thermochemical data of organic compounds. 
         Provides basic atom and bond related data (bond
         enthalpies and lengths; electronegativities;
         ionization potentials).

QD511.8  Thermochemical Data of Organic Compounds.
P43         Used to predict which chemical processes are
1986     thermodynamically feasible.  Covers 3,000
Sci Ref  compounds.  Excludes data on radicals, ions,
         organometallic compounds, or multicomponent
         systems.  Has name and RN number indexes.

QC454    The Wiley/NBS Registry of Mass Spectral Data.
M3          Comprehensive and accurate mass spectral data
M395     on 112,000 compounds.  Contains compound name
1989     index, elemental composition index, and RN
Sci Ref  numbers.

Journals and Serials

QD1.J92  Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data:
            Publishes physical property data for pure
         compounds and mixtures.

QC61.J6  Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data:
            Publishes current data of high standards.

QD511    Bulletin of Thermodynamics:
.B852       An annual publication arranged in three
         sections: bibliography, currrent research, and
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