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T55      Best's Safety Directory.  2 vs.
A1          Contains summaries of  OSHA industrial, con-
B44      struction, and maritime standards.  Lists products
1984     and services concerning safety, fire, first aid,
Sci Ref  industrial hygiene, pollution, and security.  Has
         geographic index, index of advertisers' branch
         offices, and index of catalogs, brand names, and

T55.3    California Toxics Directory:  A Guide to
H3          Organizations...
C35         Includes federal, state, local and regional
1986     agencies;  university programs;  associations; 
Sci Ref  and independent institutes.  Focuses on toxic
         substances but covers explosives, flammable
         materials, and corrosives.  Excludes nuclear and
         biological hazards.


T55      Dictionary of Terms Used in the Safety Profession.
T28         A compilation of definitions from 30 fields
Sci Ref  concerned with safety.  Covers construction, fire,
         human factors, industrial hygiene, materials,
         noise, product safety, traffic safety, bio-
         mechanics, hazardous material, toxicology. 
         Includes safety law and education.

T55.3    Hazardous Materials Dictionary.
H3          A reference source identifying the vocabulary
C645     of hazardous material emergencies.  Covers
1988     many disciplines:  chemistry, transportation,
Sci Ref  petroleum and medicine, and government and private


T55.3    Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials.
H3          An alphabetical listing of 20,000 substances.
S3       Gives molecular weight, formulas, and physical
1989     properties.  Contains synonyms in English, French,
Sci Ref  German, Dutch, Polish, Italian.  Clinical data for
         humans and animals and toxic hazard reviews are
         also included.

T55.3    Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards.
H3          Includes 7,000 compounds arranged by chemical
B73      groups.  Gives stability data, possible violent
1979     reaction between compounds, structure.  Contains
Sci Ref  literature references and alphabetic index to the
         chemicals.  Covers laboratory safety.

T55.3    Hazardous Chemicals Data Book.
H3          Lists alphabetically over 1,000 chemicals. 
H396     Provides physical and chemical properties;  
1986     hazard classification; health hazards, and
Sci Ref  protective equipment.

T55      In-plant Practices for Job Related Health Hazards
I45         Control.  2 vs.
1989        Covers toxic materials;  materials handling; 
         organic and inorganic compounds.  Discusses
         engineering and administrative control and protec-
         tive equipment.

TP200    Compendium of Safety Data Sheets for Research and
C66         Industrial Chemicals.
1985        Covers the most needed and safety-oriented
Sci Ref  information.  Gives health hazard, first aid 
information, and shipping instructions. Identifies the
substance; lists physicab properties.
         Includes preferred name, CAS registry number,
         molecular weight, and synonym indexes.

TH9446   Fire Protection Guide on Hazardous Materials.
H38         A listing of commercial chemicals.  Gives
F55      properties of flammable liquids, gases, and
Sci Ref  solids; flashpoints for 8,000 trade-name liquids;
         and explosion and toxicity for 400 substances.  

QD51     Guide for Safety in the Chemical Laboratory.
M35         Covers safe building design, equipment,
1954     sampling techniques, etc. Lists hazardous
         chemicals and their properties.  Includes waste
         disposal procedures.

TP149    Handling Chemicals Safely.
N39         A collection of safety information on 800
1980     chemicals.  Gives physical data on pure sub-
         stances; fire and explosion hazards, storage and
         packaging, medical data; and first aid.

T55.3    Toxic and Hazardous Industrial Chemicals Safety
H3          Manual...
T67         Gives safety information for 700 commercial 
1975     substances.

Indexes and Abstracts

Index    Chemical Abstracts.
Table 7A    Contains information on human safety, health
Sci Ref  physics, apparatus and devices, and fire and ex-
         plosion. Has sections on pharmacodynamics, toxi-
         cology, propellants and explosives, air pollution
         and industrial hygiene, waste treatment and dis-
         posal, and nuclear technology.  -  Available on-

Index    Cumulated Index Medicus.
Table 2A    Covers toxic effects of drugs and chemicals.
Sci Ref  Contains materia  concerning accident prevention,
         consumer product safety, protective devices, e-
         quipment safety.  -  Available online.

Index    Excerpta Medica.
Health &    Covers safety concerning drugs, occupational
Medicine health aspects, and the chemical environment. -
Sci Ref  Available online.


TN1      Chemical Engineering:
M45         Contains current information on regulations,
         hazardous materials, and safety practices.

QD1      Journal of Chemical Education:
J93         Provides most recent safety information. 
         Includes a series of columns on safety in the

T55      Safety & Health:  SH:
A1 N3       Covers news, new literature, and coming events.

Online Sources

Chemical Exposure:  covers human and animal exposure to
            toxic chemicals.  -  Available from DIALOG.
Chemical Regulations and Guidelines System:  an index to 
            federal regulatory material.  -  Available from
Chemical Safety Newsbase:  contains information on the
            hazardous effects of chemicals and processes.- 
            Available from DIALOG.
Hazardline: includes regulatory and handling data for chem-
            icals.  -  Available from BRS.
RTECS:      gives basic toxicity information on 100,000
            chemicals.  -  Available from DIALOG and
            National Library of Mecicine.
TOXNET:     a collection of bibliographic and data files
            containing toxic information.  -  Available
            from National Library of Medicine.
TSCA Chemical Substances Inventory:  dictionary listing of
            commercial chemical substances.  -  Available
            from DIALOG.
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