To find books, theses and serial publications, use
a PAC terminal and conduct a search for author, title or
subject.  For the correct subject heading consult the Li-
brary of Congress Subject Headings (located near the Sci.
Ref. Desk) or a science librarian.  Some important subject

Literature Guides and Bibliographies

KF 3775   Environmental Law.
A1           Contains annotated informationžsources that
S35       cover the preservation, protection, and rehabili-
Sci Ref  tation of the physical environment.

TX 531    Food Safety 1990.
F66          A comprehensive, annotated bibliography of food
1990      safety.  Contains a broad range of articles.
Sci Ref

RA 1193.4Information Sources in Toxicology.  2d ed.
W49          Covers the harm chemicals cause on biological
1988      systems.  Lists international resources, univer-
Sci Ref   sities, organizations.  Annotated.

TD 423    Water Pollution.
K58          An annotated bibliography of resources from the
1980      physical, social and natural sciences.  Includes a
Sci Ref   glossary and author and subject indexes.

Indexes and Abstracts

Index     Chemical Abstracts.
Table        Gives comprehensive coverage of the world's
7A        chemical literature.  Has subject, chemical sub
Sci Ref   stance, formula, author, patent, etc. indexes.
          Available online.

Index     Environment Abstracts.
Biology      Provides full coverage of the environment.  
Sci Ref   Includes subject, author, SIC code, geography, and
          source indexes.  Available online.

Index     Pollution Abstracts.
Biology      Covers control and research.  Discusses land,
Sci Ref   water, air, and noise; toxicology, health, radia-
          tion, etc.  Contains author and subject indexes.
          Availabl online.


Bioremediation in the Field (EP 1.105 Gov Pub).  Timely and
          updated information on new developments in the
          application of bioreme"ation.  Covers site clean-
          up, industrial facilities, underground storage
          tanks, etc.

Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology  
          (RA 565.A1 B8).  Contains significant advances in
          the fields of air, soil, water pollution and food

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (QH 545.A1 E29).
          Discusses the biologic and toxic effects caused by
          natural or synthetic chemical pollutants.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

TD 173    Dictionary of Dangerous Pollutants, Ecology, and
T83          Environment.  
Sci Ref      A comprehensive work covering pollution, 
          energy, chemical substances, water, air, human
          body, etc.

TP 9      Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology.  4th ed.
E685         In 24+ volumes.  In addition to chemical tech-
1991      nology, also covers all aspects of environmental
Sci Ref   chemistry.

S 592     The Encyclopedia of Soil Science.
E52          Discusses the nature and properties of soils. 
Sci Ref   Emphasizes chemistry, physics, biology, etc. of
          soils.  Includes bibliographies.

SB 951    Nanogen Index: A Dictionary of Pesticides and
P23           Chemical Pollutants.
1982         A list and definition of chemicals which can
LifeSci   modify the environment.  Gives common and chemical
BusSpea   names, structure, properties, synonyms, and uses. 
          Includes a number of indexes.

          Nanogen Index 2: A Dictionary of Agricultural Chemicals
          and Environmental Contaminants.
          Published in 1996.

TP 248    Pesticides Process Encyclopedia.
P47          A treatise on agricultural pesticides and their
S52       manufacturing processes.  Gives chemical and trade
Sci Ref   names; function, formula, and references.

Handbooks and Manuals

SB 951    The Agrochemicals Handbook.
A48          A collection of international agrochemicals. 
1983      Gives properties, mode of action, uses, toxicity
LifeSci   for each entry.  Listed by common name.
          (no longer published)

TD 193    CRC Handbook of Mass Spectra of Environmental
H57          Contaminants.
1985         Covers 394 common pollutants.  Gives common
          name, Merck Index number, RN, molecular formula,
          spectrum, CAS name for each compound.  Contains

TD 426    Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference.
M66          Comprehensive coverage of EPA's "Priority 
1990      Pollutants".  Gives chemical, fire and health 
Sci Ref   hazard information.  Indexed.

TD 196    Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic
O73          Chemicals.  2d ed.
V47          Alphabetically arranged by name.  Gives syn-
1983      onyms, formulae, properties, air and water pollu-
Sci Ref   tion factors, biological effects.  Has formula   

T55.3     Hazardous Substances Resource Guide.
H3           A list of toxic chemicals found in the home,
H444      community, and the workplace.  Contains a resourc-
1993      es guide and several indexes.
Sci Ref

TP 247.5  Industrial Solvents Handbook.  3d ed.
I53          Contains data and physical properties of sol-
1985      vents.
Sci Ref

SB 951    The Pesticide Manual.  8th ed. 
P434         Alphabetically arranged by name; lists formula
1987      and derivatives.  Discusses nomenclature; gives
Sci Ref   properties, uses, analysis, toxicology.  Includes
          superseded compounds. 


TD 196    Chemical Guide to SARA Title III.  2d ed.
C45          A list of hazardous chemicals and information
C483      on how to handle them in emergency situations. 
1988      Contains chemical name index; master index of 
Sci Ref   chemicals and regulatory data; regulatory souce
          lists; and appendixes.

TD 196    Chemical Guide to the OSHA Hazard Communication
C45          Standard.  3d ed.
C48          Provides easy access to chemicals considered to
1988      be always hazardous.  Has chemical name index;
Sci Ref  master index of chemicals and regulatory data;
          regulatory source list; and appendices.

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