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Chemical Abstracts

Searches in SciFinder Scholar allow limiting of search results by document type, one of which is "review."

Review articles in the printed Chemical Abstracts volume and collective indexes are indicated by a capital R between the volume and abstract number, e.g. 74:R48673t. In the weekly keyword indexes the word "review" is used as an index heading. In the online computerized version, search with the term "review", e.g. => Search [topic] and review. Back to Top

Science Citation Index

In the Web of Science, a General Search will permit the limitation of a search by document type, one of which is "Review."

In the printed SCI Source Index, R on the same line as the journal abbreviation designates a review article.

When using the CD-ROM version of SCI: 1) combine the word "review" and the subject word(s) you are looking for in the basic index and 2) search for topic and limit to review document types. To limit press L while in the search session to bring up the limiting menu; press D; scroll down with the arrow key until Review is highlighted; press to select; enter word(s) you are looking for. You must reset to No Limit once you are done. *note that you need to use strategy 1 and 2 to retrieve all possible reviews. Back to Top

Current Contents (CC) Use the same strategy used with the Science Citation Index CD-ROM version above. 1) combine the word "review" and the subject word(s) you are looking for in the basic index and 2) search in the document type field with the term Review and combine with the subject word(s) from the basic index. Back to Top

Index to Scientific Reviews, 1974-present (B-LIFESCI Index Area Z7403.I36). This is a publication of the Institute for Scientific Information, the company which publishes Science Citation Index.

Index of Biochemical Reviews (a supplemental issue of the journal FEBS Letters). The Index began with the volume covering 1971-72, published as a supplement to the July 1973 FEBS Letters issue. The issues covering 1971/72-1975 are bound with the appropriate FEBS Letters volumes, as follows:

          1971-72                       July 1973
          1973                          May 1974
          1974                          July 1975
          1975                          June 1976
From 1976-1990 they are bound separately and shelved in the Reference Area (QP501 .F291). This series ceased with the 1990 index. Back to Top

Index of Reviews in Organic Chemistry (Ref. Area Z5524.O8 I38)

The "Cumulative Issue 1971" covers material published as books, articles, brochures, etc. from the early 1960's up to the latter part of 1970, with coverage of Angewandte Chemie from 1950 and of Chemical Reviews from 1930. The "Second Cumulative Volume 1976" covers the period from the first cumulation through May 1976. Annual supplements cover reviews published 1976-1985. CEASED Back to Top

Current Chemical Reactions 1979-1992 (Reference Area Z5523.C8) Review Section (front pages). Monthly compilation of new review articles grouped by journal in which they appear. NO LONGER RECEIVED Back to Top

Synthesis reviews database. Issued annually with: Synthesis. 1995- (Located on computer #19 in the Chemistry Library) The database covers reviews of interest to synthetic organic chemists from 1940 forward, although most are published in the 1980s or 1990s.


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Most review serials are shelved with the circulating books. A list of most of those held by the Indiana University Chemistry Library is linked here. Other important titles include:

Also search IUCAT for the series Specialist Periodical Reports

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