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Updated: 1 January 2001

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Books in Print 
This is available in the Libraries through the IO 
menu.  Many publishers have web pages; e.g.,,, .  Check Altavista or another 
search engine for addresses. A Directory of Publishers and Vendors is 
found at . The Chemistry 
Library keeps publishers catalogs that are important for chemistry.  They are 
shelved in the Reference Area after Z7914.

OCLC's WorldCat and RLIN/Eureka  These databases are available through the IO menu
libfind.  They contain the 
catalog records of libraries 
world-wide and are important for determining whether a book has been 
published, its publishing history, and holding libraries.

"Book Buyers' Guide," Published each year in the Journal of Chemical 
Education. This is a comprehensive, classified list of in-print books.  
It usually appears in the September issue.  An "Update" 
appeared in the  March 1996 and 1997 issues (January issue in 1994 and 
1995).  Book reviews are indexed in a section at the end of the annual 
index.  The electronic "basis for the JCE's Book Buyer's Guide" can be 
found at

Z5521 .G84 1982
Guidelines and Suggested Title List for Under-graduate Chemistry 
Libraries. Edited by Robert C. Brasted and Leallyn B. Clapp, from a list 
compiled by Judith A. Douville.  Rev. ed. Washington, D.C. :  American 
Chemical Society, 1982. The list contains approximately 700 titles.

Journals with book sections
Other journals frequently have large sections devoted to books.  Book  
reviews appearing in Nature, New Scientist, and Science can be located 
using Science Citation Index.

Z7401.S42.  1990 ed. Chemistry Lib. Reserves; 1993 edition in Biology. 
Scientific and Technical Books and Serials in Print.  The set has 
subject, title, and author listings, as well as a publishers' directory.
Pure and Applied Science Books, 1876-1982. 
6 v. N.Y., London:  Bowker, 1982. The entries are arranged by subject in 
the first five volumes.  An author and title list are found in volume six. 


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Z5523 .A521 Reserves
Chemical Abstracts Sevice Source Index (CASSI). 
The basic volumes contain all entries of serials covered by Chemical 
Abstracts.   There are quarterly supplements which are cumulated annually.  
CASSI is a good place to find addresses of journal publishers.
The CD ROM version is located on computer Web OPACs and contains the main 
work and supplements in one database.        

Z7403 .W66 Reference Area Woodward, A.M. Directory of Review Serials in Science and Technology, 1970-73. London: Aslib, 1974.

Z6956.R9 I41983 Reference Area Ignashev, Sergei P. Soviet Serials in Translation Held by the Center for Research Libraries. Chicago: CRL, 1983.

Z7403 .N273 (1986) Reference Area Consolidated index of translations into English. New York, Special Libraries Association, 1969. This and the 1986 update offer an easy way to identify translations of items from serial publications (mostly journals). It is especially useful in identifying items not covered in cover-to-cover translations journals.

Z5523 .R6 1982 Reference Periodicals in the Library of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 3d ed. London: Royal Society of Chemistry 1982. This computer-produced list is aranged alphabetically by the title as it appears on the title page. It includes dead and live serials.

"New Journals Review," a special issue of Nature. The first issue published each October reviews new journals.

Z7403 .S38(4) Reference Area Journal Citation Reports, the last volume published each year for Science Citation Index until 1988. Library has the microfiche edition for 1989 and 1996-98 and now the JCRWeb from 1998- . The "Journal Ranking Package" section lists journals by subject area, ranked by impact factor. For chemistry the appropriate sections are: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biophysics; all Chemistry sections; Crystallography; Electrochemistry; Physics, Atomic, Molecular and Chemical; Spectroscopy; and any others deemed appropriate for a given collection.

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