Updated: 15 September 2000
How do you keep up with the book and journal literature
appearing in your fields of interest?

     In this document are described several options broken into the
following categories:

     I.   Free services provided by library staff

     II.  Free services you may tap into

     III. Current awareness options which cost you money

     What do you do with the references to publications of

     There is very good software available now for Macintosh and
IBM PCs to maintain personal interest databases.  Several of the
current awareness options described in the attached document allow
you to easily import the records into such software.  Once such a
personal database has been created, it is easy to export the
references from your database to a manuscript.  Most packages even
include style sheets which will format the references in various
ways.  See Gary Wiggins for details.

                  Indiana University Libraries
                      CHEMISTRY LIBRARY AND
                     OTHER SCIENCE LIBRARIES

I.   FREE Services Provided by IU Libraries Staff

     A.   Books:  Weekly Acquisitions List

               Provide us with your e-mail address and the
          Chemistry Library will add you to the weekly distribution
          list of books and review serials that are currently on
          the New Book Shelf.  The list will also be available on
          the Chemistry Library gopher for one month.  Contact
          Jen Gerber (JELGERBE) for the Chemistry Library
          booklist.  Electronic forms of acquisitions lists can
          also be received from the Life Sciences Library (Contact Roger 
          Beckman (BECKMANR), the Geology Library (Contact Dennis
          Scoville:  SCOVILL), and the Swain Hall Library (Send e-
          mail request to:  LIBSWAIN).

     B.   Periodicals:  Daily Acquisitions List

               A printed  list is posted in the Current Periodicals
          area of the Chemistry Library, and an e-mail version is
          sent to each person who requests it.  Contact:
          Jen Gerber (JELGERBE).

     C.   Periodicals:  References from Current Contents on

               An interest profile can be run against each diskette
          of Current Contents:  Physical, Chemical, and Earth
          Sciences and other versions of Current Contents on
          Diskette.  The output will be sent to you over the campus
          network.  One advantage is that more journals are covered
          in CCOD than we have in the Chemistry or other IU
          libraries.  See the complete list of coverage at:

          Another advantage is the capability to obtain the
          references in a format that will feed into your own
          personal database software, e.g., Endnote.  A
          disadvantage is that there may be a few weeks delay
          between the appearance of the journal issue and its entry
          into a CCOD issue.  
Request a CCOD profile
II. FREE Services You May Tap Into A. CARL UnCover Reveal You may connect directly to UnCover with any Internet browser, including the connections on many of the public PCs in the Chemistry Library. Once in the UnCover database you have the option to search by Name or Word, or you may Browse by journal title. For current awareness, the Reveal option permits the establishment of a profile with subjects, authors, or journal titles. UnCover's major advantage as a current awareness source is the titles are entered very quickly after being published (less than a week). B. Internet Journal Table-of-Contents Lists Most publishers now put the tables of contents of their journals on the Web at no charge. Some even include the abstracts. There is even an e-mail table of contents service provided by some publishers. For example: Wiley's Future Contents: Genetics is updated every other Thursday with tables of contents of ten Wiley journals in genetics up to 6 weeks before print publication. To subscribe, send the message: SUBSCRIBE GENETICS firstname lastname To: To cancel, send the message: CANCEL GENETICS firstname lastname To: III. Current Awareness Options Which Cost You Money A. CA Surveyor - Chemical Abstracts Service's CD-ROMs Quarterly updates on CD-ROM from the CAS database are available for: Chromatography, Magnetic Resonance, Organometallic Chemistry, Food and Feed Chemistry, and Cancer Chemical Research. The quarterly updates contain cumulative information for the year to date plus the previous two years. It is available for both Windows and Macintosh environments. Both abstracts and structures are included in the output. Subscription cost is $995 for single-user licenses. Call 800-753-4227 for network pricing information. B. CA Selects and Other Standard Interest Profiles Bi-weekly printed updates contain the same abstracts found in the printed CA. There are about 250 separate topics for which these standard interest profiles are produced. All are listed in the latest Chemical Abstracts Service Catalog. Other database producers' products of this type can be found in Index to Standard Interest Profiles in Science and Technology (Z697.S5 I5 on reserve in Chemistry Library). C. Periodicals and Other Types of Documents: CA File SDI Service The CA File is the bibliographic database corresponding to the printed Chemical Abstracts. Establishing an SDI profile for the database provides you with bi-weekly updates sent direct to your e-mail address. Since the CA File is not limited to journal abstracts, you need to consider whether you also want references to books, conference proceedings, dissertations, patents and technical reports. The CA File is not as up to date with respect to the current literature as CCOD. Expect on the average a 2 - 2 1/2 month lag time before a citation enters the database. Contact Gary Wiggins (WIGGINS) to establish a CA File SDI profile. D. CApreviews Using the CApreviews database allows you to access records 8-10 weeks before they enter the CA File database or the printed Chemical Abstracts. See Gary Wiggins for details. E. Chemical Titles and Other Printed TOC Services Nearly 800 leading chemical journals are covered in the biweekly Chemical Titles. The Current Contents series of weekly publications are similar to this product and cost about the same. Both have author and subject indexes, with listings shortly after the appearance of a journal issue. F. CAS Individual Search Service and Others Custom interest profiles can be constructed to produce biweekly updates from the Chemical Abstracts Service database. Since it is tailored to your individual interests, the cost is high compared to other options. BIOSIS offers its B-I-T-S (BIOSIS Information Transfer System) on diskette for MS-DOS and Macintosh. Data is taken from the Biological Abstracts database. B-I-T-S can be used with bibliographic software programs such as Pro-Cite or Reference Manager. Contact or call 1-800-523-4806. G. Reference Update This update service offers several options to MS-DOS and Macintosh users in the biosciences. Choose from a 400- or 1200-publication edition or the deluxe abstract edition. Call 1-800-722-1227; Internet: Gary Wiggins 2/94 (updated 2/00) CCIIM: 13-06.294

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