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Indiana University Chemistry Library

Directories of People, Places, and Academic Programs in Chemistry

All books are in the Chemistry Library Reference area except as indicated.    
   QD23.A512 CHEMISTRY LIBRARY Reserves 
   American Chemical Society Directory of Graduate Research. Washington,       
   D.C.: American Chemical Society.
   (Also available as ACS Directories on Disc)
   QD40.C4317 1988
   Chemical Research Faculties: An International Directory. Washington,        
   D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1988.
   T176.I42 CHEMISTRY LIBRARY Reserves
   Directory of American Research and Technology. 28th edition, 1994.  
   New York: Bowker.
   TA416.5 U6 D55
   Directory of Testing Laboratories.  Philadelphia, PA: American Society      
   for Testing and Materials, 1990.
   Chemical History, Biography, Directories and Industry Sources
   Community of Science Web Server
   This site contains several directories including people and programs in
   the US and Canada.
   Chemistry Department Graduate Programs from Northern Illinois
   WDC -- World Directory of Crystallographers
   Registry of Internet Addresses of Biotech & Biomedical Related Companies
   & Organizations
   Peterson's Educations Center (Peterson's Guide)
   Resources Scholarly Societies - Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
   List Web pages of society -- produced by the Univeristy of Waterloo
   biograph.txt /mjd--7/95 pt. 2
   CCIIM: 15-05.795

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