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Beilstein CrossFire

I. Database Contents               

- More than 6,000,000 compounds
- Structures (including stereochemistry)
- Numeric data            
- Bibliographic information

II. Chronological coverage: 1830-

- Prior to 1960:
  Complete information on > 1.1 million compounds

- 1960-79:
  Selected data on about 3 million other compounds: 
  All other physical property data accessible by 
    keyword search

- 1980-
  All physical and chemical data

III. Current Facts CD-ROM

- updated quarterly
- appears five months after end of the quarter covered

IV. Search Possibilities

A. Factual Searches

- More than 350 searchable fields
- Numeric fields: Over 180 fields with over 70 topics
- Character string fields
- Chemical names
- Bibliographic data
- Keywords

B. Structure searches

C. Author searches: Maximum of 5 authors indexed

D. New data for 1980 onward: Physiological Behaviour 
                      and Applications

E. Same data types as in Beilstein Current Facts
   and same user interface

V. Search Techniques

A. Boolean operators

P -- present in the same record         
   -- Use for subfields, e.g., BP and BP.P

B. Set combinations
Specify set number as ".Q01" in the "Field Name" box

C. Truncation (Wild Cards)

Single character: ?
Any two characters: ??
Any no. of characters: *
Both left-hand and right-hand truncation allowed

VI. Client/Server system

Database on a server at the University of Wisconsin
for the consortium to which IU belongs

Client software for:
IBM PC with Winsock TCP/IP or Novell LAN Workplace
Macintosh (later in 1995)

All IP subnets in the Indiana University Chemistry Building are
programmed for access.

CCIIM: 33-17.495 GW

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