C371 Exercise 7: EndNote

Updated: 10 November 2003

Key Points: EndNote is one of the most popular Citation Manager software packages. It is one of three that are available free to IU and IUPUI students via IUWare or for purchase on CD-ROM at the IU or IUPUI Bookstores.

1. Create an EndNote library called isatin.enl.

2. With your EndNote library open, perform a search on Science Citation Index on the topic "isatin" for the year 2002 only. You should find less than 50 references. Mark All of the retrieved hits, go to the Marked List section, and download the references (author, title, source) with both the abstracts and keywords included. Choose the Field Tagged option and Save to File.

Within Endnote, go to the Edit drop-down menu and choose Import Filters. Open the Filter Manager and click on the box at Web of Science.

Go to the File --> Import option and import your file. Be sure to logout of Science Citation Index when you have finished the export to your database.

a. Highlight one of the references in your libarary.
b. Click on the Show Preview option at the bottom of the screen and look at how the reference is shown in the Annotated format (with abstract).
c. Go to Edit --> Output Styles --> Open Style Manager. Sort the Style Manager by Category, and go to the Chemistry section.
d. Click on the J Organic Chemistry, return to the database, and note the change that occurs in the Show Preview window.

3. Now perform a Research Topic search on SciFinder Scholar for "isatin." You will first get thousands of answers. Choose the largest number you can, then "Analyze or Refine Reference" to limit your search to the publication year 2002. How many did you find?

Notice that many of the references are duplicated because SciFinder Scholar by default searches the Medline database as well as Chemical Abstracts.

Choose "New Task" and click on Database. Deselect Medline and again perform the search for 2002 items on isatin. How many did you find now? If you got more than you found in Science Citation Index, explain why.

Save the file isatin in the Tagged Format. (You will be limited to the first 100 references.)

Return to EndNote and choose Edit --> Import Filters and Open Filter Manager. Scan down to SciFinder and click on the box.

Now go to File --> Import and choose the Import Option "SciFinder (CAS)" and "Import All" for Duplicates and "No Translation" for Text Translation. Choose the text file you downloaded from SciFinder Scholar and Import the records. You should have over 100 records at this point.

4. Now search for the entries that include both words synthesis and spectra.
Choose the Journal of Nutrition as your output style and print the references (should be under 20).

Did you see anything odd about the references you printed? Why do you think it skipped some key information?

Copy your EndNote library onto either a floppy disk or a CD-ROM or e-mail it to your instructor. Hand in both your disk/CD-ROM and the printout, with your name on both.