C371 Exercise 1: Join Appropriate Listserves or Mailing Lists

Updated: 25 August 2004
Key Points: Chemweb; A list for Chemical Applications of the Internet is an e-mail list that has been used for many years by those who are developing various chemistry-related programs for use on the Internet. A new mailing list is the Yahoo! Group ChemistrySoftware mailing list.

You should join and remain on these services throughout the semester. They are likely to have a low volume of postings.

1. Join Chemweb and remain a subscriber throughout the semester. Connect to: and follow the instructions.

2. Look at the Chemweb archives at Scan all of the postings in the last three months available in the archives..

3. Join the ChemistrySoftware group at: It is also available as RSS

4. Send your instructor an e-mail message when you have completed this assignment.