C471 Exercise 1: CHMINF-L

Updated: 1 September 2004
Key Points: Listserves are important ways that people communicate with each other on the Internet. The CHMINF-L list has been a viable discussion list for a virtual community of over 1400 chemists, librarians, and chemical information professionals in various occupations since 1990.

C471 students are required to spend at least one week on CHMINF-L.

The LISTSERV program permits the creation of a searchable archive of postings, so the Web archives of past communications on the two lists can be searched as databases. In that sense, the archives are knowledge bases, that is, archives of the collective wisdom of many people. One part of this exercise requires you to search the CHMINF-L archive.

Finally, you must identify one other listserv in an area of chemistry that looks interesting to you.

1. Join CHMINF-L.


You may choose to signoff CHMINF-L after one week.

2. Look at the CHMINF-L archives. Find the June 1999 press release announcing the availability of STN on the Web. What is the URL for STN on the Web in North America?

3. Link to the guide Listserves, Discussion Lists, and Newsgroups for Chemistry and select one discussion list that looks as if it would interest you. Which one did you select (CHMINF-L does not count here!)?