C471 Exercise 2: Chemical Objects

Updated: 29 July 2003
Key Points: Your first contact with SciFinder Scholar and review serials (secondary sources) and their relationship to the primary research journal articles occurs in this exercise. You should be impressed with the special visualization options in SciFinder Scholar and the number of electronic journals that are available in chemistry.

In this exercise, you will see some electronic versions of chemistry journals. You will also begin to see the relationship between an abstracting/indexing service (SciFinder Scholar) and the primary literature it covers (for example, journal articles). We'll also encounter another type of publication that helps keep track of the primary literature: a review serial.

1. I have completed the first exercise. Yes ( ) No ( )

URL for STN on the Web:

Listserve that I selected:

2. Look in the August 1998 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education Online (or the printed journal if you want). Find an article there that describes SciFinder Scholar.

In two or three sentences, tell what SciFinder Scholar is.

3. Use the Enhanced NCI Database Browser at the Erlangen/Bethesda Data and Online Services to find the molecule Isatin (CAS Registry Number 91-56-5). If you make the connection to this page from a computer that has loaded on it some of the chemical helper/plugin software, you should be able to visualize the molecule.

4. Connect to the following two articles on the Web:

May, P.W. "The Visualisation of Chemical Processes for Electronic Publishing and Presentations." PhysChemCom 2001, 17. Try this link first, but this may also work: (DOI: 10.1039/b103982m;
Free version:

Look at both the html and the pdf versions of the article.


Bachrach, S.M.; Murray-Rust, P.; Rzepa, H.S.; Whitaker, B.J. "Publishing Chemistry on the Internet," NetSci March 1996. (

You don't need to read the articles if you are not in the MLS/MIS CIS program or are an informatics student. However, at least try some of the connections and write a brief paragraph about your impressions. Be sure to comment on the number of dead links you encountered or things that didn't seem to work correctly. What are the implications for the stability of an article on the Web? Is pdf or html a better format for the long-term archiving of journal articles on the Web?

5. Connect to the IUB Chemistry Library e-journal page.

How many electronic titles are listed on that page under the title Annual Review of .... ?

While on the Chemistry Library e-journal page, scan through the entire list to get an idea of how widespread the electronic journal phenomenon is now.

What is the earliest date that you spotted on the list?