C 471Quiz 1

Communication in Chemistry

A = True B= False

  1. The fact that an abstracting or indexing journal is updated every week or sometimes daily guarantees that the primary literature covered in that update is the new primary literature that appeared that week.

  2. Personal bibliography manager software lets you easily import data from an online search into your own personal database. Once in a program such as ProCite or EndNote, you can print out a bibliography for an article without having to type the entries individually.

  3. Chemists usually put the title of a journal in a standard abbreviated form when compiling a bibliography for a primary journal article or a review article. A chemistry reference tool to help you find the full form of an abbreviated journal title is CASSI.

  4. Secondary literature sources are always less current than the primary literature.

  5. It is possible that a primary article that appeared in a chemistry journal this month may not be abstracted in the weekly printed Chemical Abstracts before January 2002.

  6. MDL's Chime is free plug-in software that enables Netscape or Internet Explorer to automatically load depictions of molecules from various places on the Internet for visualization.

  7. The ACS Style Guide; A Manual for Authors and Editors is a very important work for those who are writing manuscripts to be published in American Chemical Society journals.

  8. A program that will help you find an acceptable IUPAC name of a compound is Autonom.

  9. Review serials contain articles or chapters that succinctly survey the key literature on the topics of interest that have appeared in a given period of time.

  10. CHMINF-L and CICOURSE are government agencies established by Laura Bush to preserve chemical information.