C 400 Quiz 2

How and Where to Start

A = True B= False
(or use the approriate letter for multiple choice)

  1. The most important specialized (as opposed to general) English-language encyclopedia for answering questions on topics in chemistry is the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology.

  2. Review serial tiles often appear annually and typically have titles that begin "Advances in...," "Progress in...," etc.

  3. Which of the following could help you identify a printed encyclopedia of inorganic chemistry?
    1. CRSD (Chemical Reference Sources Database)
    2. Printed guides on reserve in the Chemistry Library
    3. ChemFinder
    4. Either A or B
    5. Either A or B or C

  4. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) is tailored to individual interests. Hence, the cost is high compared to other current awareness options, such as the standard interst profiles, CA Selects.

  5. Treatises often have the word "Selected" in the titles of the sets.

  6. When you use the OR operator between two search terms, you can expect a lesser number of hits in your answer set than if you used the AND operator.

  7. Chemical Abstracts includes in its coverage only primary journal articles, not patents and other document types.

  8. Searching ingenta's UnCover with a Chemical Abstracts Registry Number is a poor way to find information on a chemical compound.

  9. A treatise is a multivolume secondary work that, like an encyclopedia, is designed for easy retrieval of information by someone who does not know much about a topic.

  10. Authors of review articles are experts in a field who sift out the best primary literature on a topic, write a brief summary of the significant findings in those works, and give full bibliographic references to the primary works.