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C471 Problem Set 1: Author Searching or Citation Searching

Department of Chemistry

Fall 2004
Updated: 29 September 2004 READY TO PRINT
Include the numbers in brackets on any printouts you hand in.
Key Points: In this problem set, you will use the print and database versions of Chemical Abstracts, as well as the Web version of the Science Citation Index (Web of Science). Author searching is an option that is found in virtually all databases and indexes. In certain areas of chemistry, a chemist is likely to have a lot of co-authors on the publications.

The citation searching option lets you use an older, known reference to find newer journal articles that have cited the reference you use as a search key. The Web of Science can be searched at IU for publications from 1977 to the present.

This will also be your first contact in C471 with the Beilstein CrossFire system. Since the Gmelin and Beilstein databases were not really designed for searching by author, an author search in those resources is more challenging than it is in regular bibliographic databases.

Your name:

1. Use SciFinder Scholar to do a corporate source search for the publications of the Eli Lilly Company.

2. Use SciFinder Scholar to find all publications by IUB Professor Romualdo T. Desouza.

[5] Write out his full name as it appears in the database.

Get the references and note the large number of co-authors on many of his recent publications.

Refine the references by document type to identify his dissertation.
[6] In what year did he obtain it, and where?

3. David E. Clemmer finished his dissertation in 1992 at the University of Utah.
[7] How many times has the thesis been cited in journal articles since it was published? HINT: Use the Web of Science.

[8] How many of those were self-citations (that is, Clemmer citing his own thesis)?

4. Use the Web of Science to find all papers published by David Clemmer in 2003.
[9] How many did you find?

5. One of Clemmer's 2000 papers is listed in the Web of Science as:

Taraszka JA, Li JW, Clemmer DE
Metal-mediated peptide ion conformations in the gas phase
J PHYS CHEM B 104: (18) 4545-4551 MAY 11 2000

Look at the full entry for this record.

Scan towards the bottom of the record, and you will find the bibliography that appeared in the original article. Click on any link and notice how the link allows you to cycle through the literature, reading the abstracts of relevant materials.

[10] List the full bibliographic reference of one journal article for which you read the abstract in the manner described above. Be sure to include the title of the article and to put your citation in the format required by The ACS Style Guide.

6. Author Search in the Printed CA Collective Indexes.

Use the 1987-91 Author Index to the printed Chemical Abstracts, and find the section in the Author Index which will lead to the abstract for Roush's 1988 article:

Roush, William R.; Riva, Renata. J. Org. Chem. 1988, 53(3), 710-12.

[11] What is the CA volume and abstract number for the article above?

Please DO NOT mark in the volume, but do re-shelve it when done!

Look up Renata Riva in the 1987-91 CA Author Index, and notice how the See reference takes you back to the Roush section for their article.

7. Beilstein CrossFireplusReactions Author Search using Beilstein Commander.

Use the Fact Editor (Table) (i.e., click on it) in the MDL CrossFire Commander database Beilstein CrossFireplusReactions to search for publications by William R. Roush. Be sure that you are in Beilstein, not Gmelin.

Run your mouse over all of the icons in the Tabular Query window. Use the "List values" icon to see the list of variant entries for W.R. Roush and select all possible forms of the author's name that might be the William R. Roush (previously was a faculty member at IU Bloomington). Here's how you do that: