C471 Problem Set 2: Subject Searching

Department of Chemistry

Fall 2004

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Updated: 3 October 2004 READY TO PRINT

Include the numbers in brackets on any printouts you hand in.
You will be searching some of the topics mentioned in the lecture for this section. The Analyze feature of SciFinder Scholar is a very important tool, as is the Refine option. Your second use of Beilstein Commander is also part of this problem set.
1. Beilstein CrossFireplusReactions Subject Search using Beilstein Commander.

Use the Fact editor in Beilstein CrossFireplusReactions. Using the "List Values" option in the Fact Editor, find the field label to use for the Field Name "Structure Keyword" in the following search. (Hint: look for the field name code in the Substance (IDE) area.)

[1] How many compounds in the Beilstein database have the structure keyword "stereo compound"?

2. Subject Search in the Science Citation Index database.

Use the 2003 Science Citation Index database on the Web of Science to find all of the articles that cover concepts relating to stereochemistry and Diels-Alder. (Hint: Incorporate in your search strategy the truncation symbol used on SCI (the asterisk: *).

[5] Obtain a printout for the first two listed review article in your answer set that includes authors, title, source, addresses, and abstract, but not the keywords or other information associated with the record. (HINT: Mark the records, Submit them, and go to the Marked Records list where you can customize the output before you format for print as bibliographic records.)

3. Subject Search in the Printed CA Collective Indexes.

In the 1987-91 General Subject Index to the printed Chemical Abstracts in the Chemistry Library Reference Area, what term or phrase is used to index:

(HINT: Use the appropriate Index Guide.)

Use the printed Chemical Abstracts General Subject Index to find a 1990 review covering analytical methodology for enantiomerism and enantiomers in the study of drug metabolism.

[8] List the CA volume and abstract number:

[9] How many references are in this review (descriptive word is ok)?

[10] Put the entry in the correct style required for reference lists by the latest edition of The ACS Style Guide. Include only the minimum data elements required. A photocopy of a CA page is not acceptable, and we will deduct for excess data elements.

Please DO NOT mark in the CA volumes, but do re-shelve them when done!

4. SciFinder Scholar Subject Search

For this and other SFS searches in this problem set:
Open SciFinder Scholar and click on the Database icon at the top of the page. Unclick the Medline database.

Look at the General Subject Index entries that are used in the 1988 Roush and Riva article found in problem set 1.

Do a search on SciFinder Scholar that locates documents on Diels-Alder Reactions where stereochemistry plays a role. You'll need to combine the following two general subject headings in such a way as to require both to be in one document, but do not use Boolean AND in your search. (HINT: Think of a phrase that captures the relationship you want to have between the two.)

Diels-Alder reaction

[11] How many records (hits) did you find where the concepts are closely associated with one another?

Get those records and refine the answers to the years 2000-2003.
[12] How many records did you find?

Now limit the smaller set to patents.
[13] How many did you find?

[14] Get a printout in the fullest possible format for the first answer in [13] of this question. Look at the Indexing section and circle the terms that caused you to retrieve the record. Be sure to write your name on the printout and hand it in.

5. SciFinder Scholar Search for a review.

Find using SciFinder Scholar the 1990 review from question 3 involving enantiomers and analysis in drug metabolism. (HINT: there are at least two ways to find this. If you choose to do a subject search, try using words from the controlled vocabulary terminology for enantiomers.)

[15] Obtain a printout of your answer in the fullest possible format and hand it in with your name on it.

6. Use SciFinder Scholar to see how many articles include some aspect of the XPS analytical technique.
[16] How many did you find?

Look only at the publications that appeared in 2000 for XPS and analyze the results to see what CA Section contains the most articles on this topic.
[17] What section is it?

7. Repeat your search for XPS in the in the full Web of Knowledge Science Citation Index (all years that are available to us).
[18] How many answers did you find?

[19] If you find less answers in the Web of Science than you did in SciFinder Scholar (your answer to [16]), explain why.