C400 Problem Set 8: Chemical Safety or Toxicology

Department of Chemistry

Fall 2004
Updated: 17 November 2004 OK TO PRINT OUT NOW

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1. Use the EPA Substance Registry System to find the entry for MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone).

[1] What are two other names for MEK that do not include the word "methyl"?

Use the entry in the SRS to lead you to the NIOSH International Chemical Safety Card for the substance.

[2] Obtain a printout of the card to hand in with this assignment.

[3] What is the flash point for MEK.

2. Find a brief definition for "flash point" and write it down.

[4] flash point -

[5] List the title, year of publication, and page (or URL) of the work in which you found the definition.

3. Use the CCINFOWEB to find an MSDS for MEK that is produced by Caledon Laboratories Ltd.

[6] Obtain a printout of the first page to be handed in with your homework. [Note that the CCINFOWEB service is not a free Internet service. IU pays for access to it.]

4. There have been reports of hazardous chemical reactions occurring where a mixture of 2-Butanone and 2-Propanol was involved.

[7] How could an old sample of the secondary alcohol (or the mixture) be treated to lessen that possibility?

[8] What reference tool did you use to answer this question? (Title, edition, and year of publication or URL)

5. Find a 1997 journal article that studies the impact of MEK in humans.

[9] Copy down the full reference to the article, including the article title, in The ACS Style Guide format.

6. Use SciFinder Scholar to find the Regulated Chemicals Listings for MEK. Look at the detailed listing, but do not print it out.

[10] What is the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for MEK?

The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists sets Threshold Limit Values for exposure to chemical substances.

[11] What are the values listed by the ACGIH for TWA and STEL for MEK?

[12] What do the acronyms TWA and STEL mean in this context?