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Contents of Techniques of Chemistry

Vol/Part/Year Title

I Physical Methods of Chemistry

I 1A 1971 Components of Scientific Instruments

I 1B 1971 Automatic Recording and Control, Computers in Chemical Research

I 2A-B 1971 Electrochemical Methods

I 3A-D 1972 Optical, Spectroscopic and Radioactivity Methods

I 4 1972 Determination of Mass, Transport, and Electrical-Magnetic Properties

I 5 1971 Determination of Thermodynamic and Surface Properties

I 6 1977 Supplement and Cumulative Index [including]

II 1970 Organic Solvents

III 1971 Photochromism

IV 1-3 1972-73 Elucidation of Organic Structures by Physical and Chemical Methods

V 1-3 1974-82 Technique of Electroorganic Synthesis

VI Investigation of Rates and Mechanisms of Reactions

VI 1 1986 General Considerations and Reactions at Conventional Rates

VI 2 1986 Investigation of Elementary Reaction Steps in Solution and Very Fast Reactions

VII 1975 Membranes in Separations

VIII 1-2 1975-76 Solutions and Solubilities

IX 1980 Chemical Experimentation Under Extreme Conditions

X 1-2 1976 Applications of Biochemical Systems in Organic Chemistry

XI 1976 Contemporary Liquid Chromatography

XII 1978 Separation and Purification

XIII 1979 Laboratory Engineering and Manipulations

XIV 1978 Thin-Layer Chromatography

XV 1980 Theory and Applications of Electron Spin Resonance

XVI 1981 Separations by Centrifugal Phenomena

XVII 1982 Applications of Lasers to Chemical Problems

XVIII 1984 Microwave Molecular Spectra

XIX 1988 Techniques of Melt Crystallization

XX 1988 Techniques for the Study of Ion-Molecule Reactions

XXI Solubility Behavior of Organic Compounds

XXII 1992 Molecular Design of Electrode Surfaces

XXIII 1995 Laser Techniques in Chemistry