Updated: 14 January 2003
Some of the books listed below are for reference only. However, MLS/MIS CIS and Informatics students should familiarize themselves with the content of each work throughout the semester. Certain manuals or books are either on reserve in the Chemistry Library or are found at other locations as indicated below. The three-letter code plus year of publication, e.g., XYZ01, is used in the supplemental reading list to refer to the works below.

A. Reserves: On reserve in the IU Chemistry Library (CH003):

Online searching: a scientist's perspective: a guide for the chemical and life sciences / Damon D. Ridley. Chichester; New York: Wiley, c1996.
Z699.5.S3 R53 1996

B. Other: Materials not on reserve are:

Works Dealing with Chemical Abstracts Service Products

Works Dealing with Beilstein and Gmelin

The Cambridge Structural Database

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