Updated: 15 January 2003

Week 1 SciFinder Scholar: Overview and New Features

To download the client software:

Information Retrieval: SciFinder and SciFinder Scholar
DDR02 (passim)

Schwall, Kirk; Zielenbach, Kurt. "SciFinder: A new generation of research tool." Chemical Innovation 2000 (October), 30(10), 45-50.

"Strategies for chemical reaction searching in SciFinder," by Damon D. Ridley J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 2000, 40, 1077-1084.

CAS SciFinder Scholar Resources

Week 2 STN Express with Discover! and STN on the Web


Week 3

Target Your Searching with CAS Roles (STNote No. 5)

CAS Roles Quick Reference Card

Week 4

Week 5 Searching Chemical Names

Davis, Charles H. "Nomenclature Lite:" A Guide to Naming and Indexing Chemical Compounds.

Chemical Nomenclature

Week 6


Structure Searching in CAS Online Using STN Express: An Introductory Workshop
"How structure searching works," DDR96, Ch. 14.
"Searching by structure," DDR96, Ch. 15.

Week 10

  • "Substance files with property information," DDR96, Ch. 16.

    Week 11

    "Using the Beilstein reaction database in an academic environment," by E. Zass. SRH98, Ch. 7.

  • "Searching for chemical reactions," DDR96, Ch. 17.

    Week 12

    Week 13

    Week 14

    Week 15 Cambridge Structural Database

    Allen, Frank H.; Hoy, Vanessa J. "Cambridge Structural Database," in: Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, v. 1 pp. 155-167. (QD 39.3.E46 E53 1998 v. 1 Chemistry Reference)

    Allen, Frank H.; Kennard, Olga; Watson, David G. "Crystallographic Databases: Search and Retrieval of Information from the Cambridge Structural Database," Ch. 3 in: Structure Correlation v. 1. Ed. by Burgi, Hans-Beat and Dunitz, Jack D. Weinheim, etc., VCH, 1994 (QD461.S935 1994)

    The CSD System Documentation