C571 Chemical Information Technology Exercise 1

Updated: 7 October 2002

Exercise 1. Join a couple of discussion groups relevant to this course, and remain in them throughout the semester. Also periodically check a Web site for new developments in chemical informatics. The listservs you should join are Chemweb and CHMINF-L.

1. Chemweb: A list for Chemical Applications of the Internet.
Chemweb is an e-mail list that has been used for many years by those who are developing various chemistry-related programs for use on the Internet.

You must join Chemweb and remain a subscriber throughout the semester.


2. Look at the Chemweb archives at Scan all of the August 2001 discussions of the impact of Microsoft Internet Explorer changes on the use of the plugin application Chime and others.

3. Join CHMINF-L, the Chemical Information Sources Discussion List.


4. Look at the CHMINF-L archives. Find the June 1999 press release announcing the availability of STN on the Web.

5. Look at Chemical Informatics Letters on the Web and check back periodically throughout the course.

Send an e-mail to and to when you have completed this exercise.

Copyright 2001
Gary Wiggins