C571 Chemical Information Technology Project Report Guidelines

Updated: 20 October 2003

Each person must hand in an individual report on the C571 project. The report is due by noon Wednesday, December 17. In the final project report, you will have an opportunity to describe your role in the project on which you worked.

1. Problem Statement
Summarize in your own words what the project was designed to accomplish.

2. Approach to the Problem
What resources did you use in attempting to solve the problem or do the work (books, articles, help files associated with programs, software, etc.)?

3. Your Role in the Project
In a project-oriented class of this type, you are generally expected to spend about 40 hours of work on the project for each credit hour. Tell how you spent your time and account for the 120 hours (or as many hours as you actually put in on the project).

4. Progress to Date (or Conclusions)
Indicate how far you (or the group in which you worked) got in solving the problem or accomplishing the work. What remains to be done on the project?
If you completed the project successfully, what product(s) (instructions, software, etc.) did you develop that will assist others who might be working on similar problems.

5. Conclusions
What applications do you see for other areas of chemistry? How can you personally apply what you learned in future coursework or employment situations?

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Gary Wiggins