Personal Database Software

C571 Lecture

Updated: 16 September 2001

I. General Bibliography Manager Software

  1. Captures citations from commercial and other databases, such as:
  2. Creates a database to manage and sort the citations
  3. Generates printed bibliographies and reference lists in a variety of styles:
  4. Creates references without leaving a word processing program

II. Procite, Reference Manager, and EndNote

  1. All owned by Thomson
  2. Licensed to IU for IUB and IUPUI users
  3. To obtain the software:

III. Sample Search on SciFinder Scholar with Records Incorporated into EndNote

IV. Packages with Chemical Search Features

  1. MDL's ISIS/Base
  2. CambridgeSoft's ChemFinder
  3. Accelrys's Accord for Access and Accord for Excel

Copyright 2001
Gary Wiggins