I590 Exercise 2

Author, Corporate Name, and General Subject Searching in the LCA File
Chemical Name and Formula Searching in the LREG File

Due: 9 February 2006

Updated: 14 February 2006 OK TO PRINT OUT

Use STN Express or STN on the Web to capture your entire transcript when you do this exercise. At the end of the exercise, print out the transcript to hand in. DO NOT EDIT THE TRANSCRIPT.

1. Find publications written by Eileen O'Hara that are in the LCA File. Display the first answer in the CBIB AB format.

2. Search for publications by Magdolna Gyorgy-Vago. Display the first one found in the CBIB format.

3. Find publications from Upjohn on drugs for herpes. Display the first one in the default format. Note the patent family info in the record.

4. Locate patents on the disposal of radioactive waste. Display the first reference in the CBIB format.

5. Find all of the references in the LCA file for the unique chemical substance Methyl ethyl ketone (no structure searches on this exercise, please!). How many did you find?


6. Search the CAS RN 78-93-3 in the LREG file. If found, crossover to the LCA file, and use the L number from the LREG search to find all references to the substance. How many did you find?

Find CAS Registry Numbers for the following:

7. γ,γ-Dimethylallyl alcohol

8. Bicyclo[1.1.0]butane

9. C12H22ClN3O8

10. Find the Registry Number for this compound labeled anywhere with four deuteriums. Display the record in the FIDE (full IDE) format.