Updated: 1 January 2006
Most of the works listed below are for reference only. However, MLS/MIS CIS and Informatics students should familiarize themselves with the content of each work throughout the semester. The three-letter code plus year of publication, e.g., XYZ01, is used in the supplemental reading list and schedule to refer to the works below.

A. Books

  • DDR96
    Online searching: a scientist's perspective: a guide for the chemical and life sciences / Damon D. Ridley. Chichester; New York: Wiley, c1996.
    Z699.5.S3 R53 1996

  • DDR02
    Information retrieval: SciFinder and SciFinder Scholar / Damon D. Ridley. Chichester, England; New York: Wiley, 2002.
    Z699.5.S3 R53 2002

  • DRW02
    Bioinformatics / David R. Westhead, J. Howard Parish, and Richard M. Twyman. Oxford: BIOS, 2002.
    QH324.2 .W47 2002

  • CG01
    Developing bioinformatics computer skills / Cynthia Gibas and Per Jambeck. Beijing, etc.: O'Reilly, 2001.
    QH324.2 .G53 2001

    Other Materials

    Works Dealing with Chemical Abstracts Service or STN Products

    Works Dealing with Beilstein and Gmelin

    The Cambridge Structural Database

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