Updated: 1 January 2006

There are no written examinations in I590. Student grades will be based on class participation (30 percent), a final paper or project (40 percent), and assigned exercises, which account for the remaining 30 percent.

Due Dates:

1/19 Exercise 1
2/2 Exercise 2
2/21 Exercise 3
3/2 Exercise 4
4/20 Exercise 5
4/27 Exercise 6
5/4, 2:45 PM Project (in lieu of final exam) OR 5/4, 2:45 PM Paper (Choice of topics; in lieu of final exam)



Your paper should be no less than ten pages long (double-spaced, type-written), exclusive of the bibliography and title page. References must conform to the second edition of The ACS Style Guide (QD8.5.A25 1997 Chemistry Library Reserves). Your final authority for journal abbreviations is CASSI (available via any Web OPAC in any library on the IUB campus or in print form at the IUPUI University Library).

I am not looking for an original contribution from you, but rather, a review-type article that tells what's available in the various areas. You should demonstrate to me that you have read about and investigated the appropriate databases/software/publications/etc. and describe them in some detail. Use double spacing; 12-point type is ok, but no larger. In general, write an introductory paragraph or two to let me know what your topic is and how you approached it, followed by your survey of the topic. This does not have to be an original paper, but I would like to know what your own impressions are for the tool(s) that you write about. Cover topics like the intended audience, the time span covered, any special indexing techniques used, or integration with other products (for example, easy export of data to Excel, EndNote, etc.). Why is this product worth the cost (if there is a cost)? Be sure to list in your bibliography all sources you consulted for the paper even if you don't quote from them. The bibliography doesn't count on the ten-page requirement.

You could look for secondary information sources in the various reading lists for the chemical informatics courses. See the Web pages at:

In the C571 list, you'll see a lot of references to the Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry. That's a very good source that is in the IUB Chemistry Library Reference Area: QD39.3.E46 E53 1998. Its coverage is much broader than the title implies.

Note that you are not limited to the topics suggested below. However, topics that are not yet on this list must be approved in advance by me.

Possible Topics:

If you choose to write on any of the database topics, a good source of information is the STN Database Summary Sheets found at: Use the Journal Citation Reports to identify the top three primary journals in each of the database fields and write a brief paragraph about each journal.


Your grade in this class is based on the following:

Assignment Value of Each Total Points
Class participation 1 30
six exercises, etc. 5 30
paper/project 40 40

Grading Scale:

The final paper or project is due no later than Thursday, May 5, 2:45 p.m. The exercises, etc. are due no later than the beginning of the class period on the the day on which they are listed in the class schedule.

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