I590 Schedule Spring 2006

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00-2:15 PM

Updated: 23 April 2006
1/10 Commercial Vendors and Databases Week 1a
1/12 Overview of the Course and Software to be Used / STN Express with Discover! and STN on the Web / SciFinder Scholar: Review and Overview of New Features Week 1b
1/17 UCD99: Introduction / Online Searching Basics / Online Searching Costs UCR99: Overview of the Registry File / Cost of Searching in Registry SSCAS: Cost of Structure Searching in the Registry File Week 2a
1/19 UCD99: Search Strategy / Text Searching Pt 1: Strategies To Increase Number of Answers / Pt 2: Strategies To Decrease Number of Answers Week 2b Exercise 1
1/24 UCD99: Searching Author Names / Refining Searches / Substance Searching Using CAS Registry Numbers, etc. Week 3a
1/26 Field trip to Indy: Leave at 10:00 from Eigenmann lobby (1st fl.) Week 3b
1/31 CAS e-Seminar: Using Discover! Wizards in STN Express 48943173/800.203.2706 Week 4a
2/2 UCR99: Searching Chemical Names / Searching Name Segments / Searching the Molecular Formula Searching for Salts / Searching for Mixtures UCR99: Searching for Stereoisomers / Supplementary Information Week 4b
2/7 GTxx: CrossFire Gmelin I. Structure Query / Fact Query / SSS with Structure Editor / SSS with Fact Editor Week 5a
2/9 GTxx: CrossFire Gmelin II. Searching Substances Possessing a Certain Property / SSS with User-Defined Atom Lists and Generic Groups + Factual Query / Preparation Week 5b Exercise 2
2/14 BTxx: CrossFire Beilstein I. Introduction / Substructure Searching Week 6a
2/16 BTxx: CrossFire Beilstein II. Hyperlinks / Reaction Searching / Generic Searching Week 6b
2/21 The Use of the Lawson Number in Beilstein Searching Week 7a
2/23 SSCAS6: Overview of Structure Building with STN Express / Types of Structure Searches in Registry Week 7b Exercise 3
2/28 SSCAS6: Refining Substructure Search Queries to Increase Precision / Refining Substructure Search Queries to Broaden Retrieval / Adding Variability to the Structure Week 8a
3/2 PubChem, ChEBI and other free chemistry databases Week 8b Exercise 4
3/7 PubChem, ChEBI and other free chemistry databases Week 9a
3/9 PubChem, ChEBI and other free chemistry databases Week 9a
3/14, 3/16 Spring Break: No Class Week 10
3/21 Overview of bioinformatics / Data acquisition / Databases / DRW02, Sections A, B, C Week 9b
3/23 Retrieval of biological data / Searching sequence databases by sequence similarity criteria / Multiple sequence alignment: gene and protein families / DRW02, Sections D, E, F Week 11a
3/28 NO CLASS Week 11b
3/30 Phylogenetics / Sequence annotation / Structural bioinformatics DRW02, Sections G, H, I Week 11b
4/4 Microarray data analysis / Proteomic data analysis / Higher order systems DRW02, Sections J, K, L Week 12a
4/6 Cheminformatics in biology / Bioinformatics in the pharmaceutical industry / Basic principles of computing in bioinformatics DRW02, Sections M, N, O Week 12b
4/11 Sequence Searching in REGISTRY on STN Week 12b
4/13 Other Life Sciences Databases: Medline and other NLM Gateway databases Week 13a
4/18 Other Life Sciences Databases: BIOSIS and others Week 13b
4/20 CSD: Journal / Compound Name / Substructure Week 14b
4/25 CSD: SSS with 2D Constraints Week 15a Exercise 5
4/25 CSD: Defining and Saving Geometric Parameters / 3D SSS / Search for Nonbonded Interactions Week 15b
4/27 CSD: Pharmacophore Search / More Complex Combinations of Queries / Coordination of Heme-Iron;
CCDC's IsoStar and Other Products
Week 16a T. Jones' CSD & other exercises
4/27 Open Access; Open Data Week 16b In-Class
Exercise 6
Th, 5/4, 2:45 PM

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