I590 Topics in Informatics:
Information Retrieval from Chemistry and Life Sciences Databases
Software and Databases
Spring 2006

Updated: 23 April 2006

How to obtain software or gain access to the databases

Certain of the programs we use in I590 may be available only on one of the computers in the Chemistry Library numbered 1-9.

SciFinder Scholar or CrossFire (Beilstein and Gmelin)

CrossFire (Beilstein and Gmelin)
UW_Madison Libraries Crossfire Client Distribution Page (Includes LitLink)

Cambridge Structural Database
Available on all IUB Libraries OPACs and (perhaps) STCs and some Chemistry Library computers

Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server Client (for accessing Conquest/CSD)

STN Express or STN on the Web

STN Express is installed on Computers 1-4 in the Chemistry Library.

STN on the Web

Entrez, The Life Sciences Search Engine (NCBI)

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