Updated: 23 April 2006

Week 1a Introduction to Chemistry and Life Sciences Databases

Wiggins, Gary. “Overview of databases/data sources.” in Gasteiger, Johann, ed. Handbook of Chemoinformatics: From Data to Knowledge in 4 Volumes. Wiley-VCH: 2003, v. 2, pp. 496-506.

Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources (See the Prerequisite readings for the NLM course.)

Nature's Horizon Symposium "Charting chemical space: finding new tools to explore biology," May 20-22, 2004.

Westerhoff, Hans V.; Palsson, Bernhard O. "The evolution of molecular biology into systems biology." Nature Biotechnology 2004, 22(10), 1249-1252. [685]

Pearson, Helen. "Biology's name game." Nature June 7, 2001, 411(6838), 631-632. [644]

Rishton, Gilbert M. "Nonleadlikeness and leadlikeness in biochemical screening." Drug Discovery Today 2003, 8, 86-96. [441]

Week 1b

STN Express with Discover! and STN on the Web; SciFinder Scholar

The Analysis Edition of STN Express with Discover!

Information Retrieval: SciFinder and SciFinder Scholar
DDR02 (passim)

Schwall, Kirk; Zielenbach, Kurt. "SciFinder: A new generation of research tool." Chemical Innovation 2000 (October), 30(10), 45-50.

"Strategies for chemical reaction searching in SciFinder," by Damon D. Ridley J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 2000, 40, 1077-1084.

CAS SciFinder Scholar Resources

Week 2a

Week 2b

Target Your Searching with CAS Roles (STNote No. 5)

CAS Roles Quick Reference Card

Week 3a

Week 3b

Week 4a

Searching Chemical Names

Davis, Charles H. "Nomenclature Lite:" A Guide to Naming and Indexing Chemical Compounds.

Chemical Nomenclature

Week 4b

Week 5a


Cooke, Helen; Ridley, Damon D. "The challenges with substance databases and structure search engines." Aust. J. Chem. 2004, 57, 387-392. [650]

Dill, James D." Tautomers: involvement in searching and registration." 2003, 13(3), 38-39. [602]

"How structure searching works," DDR96, Ch. 14.

"Searching by structure," DDR96, Ch. 15.

Week 5b

  • "Substance files with property information," DDR96, Ch. 16.

    Week 6a

    Week 6b "Using the Beilstein reaction database in an academic environment," by E. Zass. SRH98, Ch. 7.

  • "Searching for chemical reactions," DDR96, Ch. 17.

    Week 7a

    Week 7b

    Structure Searching in CAS Online Using STN Express: An Introductory Workshop

    Week 8a

    Week 8b

    Nucleic Acids Research Database issue (First issue of each calendar year)

    Week 9a

    Zerhouni, Elias. "The NIH Roadmap." Science 3 October 2003, 302, 63-64, 72.

    Austin, Christopher P.; Brady, Linda S.; Insel, Thomas R.; Collins, Francis S. "NIH Molecular Libraries Initiative." Science 12 November 2004, 306, 1138-1139.

    Week 9b

    Week 10

    Week 10

    Week 11a

    Introduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources NLM course modules

    Week 11b

    Week 12a

    Austin, Robert. "The Complete Biosequence Patent Search: Mission Impossible?"

    Week 12b

    Bradley, David. "Public molecules: small, but perfectly formed." Nature Reviews Drug Discovery December 1, 2004, 3, 988 doi: 10.1038/nrd1596

    Week 13a

    NLM Gateway your entrance to the knowledge resources of the National Library of Medicine

    Week 13b

    Freemantle, Michael. "Unique labels for compounds." C&EN December 2, 2002, 33-35. [535]

    Week 14a

    Week 14b

    Glusker, Jenny Pickworth; Trueblood, Kenneth N. Crystal structure analysis: a primer. 2nd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1985.
    QD945.G58 1985

    Week 15a

    Cambridge Structural Database

    Maginn, Steve. "World turns to Cambridge database." Bioinformatics World Jan/Feb 2002, 8-10. [433]

    Davis, Tiana V.; Zaveer, M. Shahzad; Zimmer, Marc. "Using the Cambridge Structural Database to introduce important inorganic concepts." Journal of Chemical Education 2002, 79(10), 1278-1280.

    Allen, Frank H.; Hoy, Vanessa J. "Cambridge Structural Database," in: Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, v. 1 pp. 155-167. (QD 39.3.E46 E53 1998 v. 1 Chemistry Reference)

    Allen, Frank H.; Kennard, Olga; Watson, David G. "Crystallographic Databases: Search and Retrieval of Information from the Cambridge Structural Database," Ch. 3 in: Structure Correlation v. 1. Ed. by Burgi, Hans-Beat and Dunitz, Jack D. Weinheim, etc., VCH, 1994 (QD461.S935 1994)

    Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre Documentation

    Week 15b

    Week 16a

    Week 16b