What is Chemical Information?

Gary Wiggins

Indiana University

Updated: 11 August 2002

[Introduction] [Chemical Abstracts] [Cambridge Structural Database] [Beilstein] [Handbooks] [Guides]

I. Introduction

Overview of Chemistry: "The Central Science"

  1. What Chemists Really Do

  2. Core Chemistry Areas According to Mark Wrighton

  3. Traditional View of Chemistry

Communication in Science

Chemical Information Sources

  1. Primary Document Types

  2. Secondary Sources

  3. Web Resources: "Pre-Primary," Primary, and Secondary Sources

II. Chemical Abstracts: Printed and Computer-Readable


Registry File and its use in identifying chemicals

Options for Accessing the Chemical Abstracts Database

CAS (http://www.cas.org/) and STN International (http://www.cas.org/stn.html)

III. Cambridge Structural Database

IV. Gmelin and Beilstein

CrossFire Commander



Data Mining in Beilstein

Search Results (1569 retrieved on 8/5/2002)

Crossfire for Excel Search on the Beilstein Database, with Data Sorted by Melting Point.

V. Handbooks, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

VI. Guides

VII. Chemical Information Science or Chemical Informatics

Chemical Informatics Home Page at Indiana University: