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09 / 109 Analytical Chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry)

Updated: 09 August 2000

For lecture notes on this topic, see Chemical Information Sources Wikibook

As of 1 January 2007, this page is no longer updated at this site. Consult the CIIM Wiki to find a version that is being maintained.

NOTE: Items with a "1" as the first number in the list below were produced by commercial or governmental organizations.
To obtain these items, contact the organization in parentheses at the end of the reference for cost and ordering information. Most items listed below are free.


09 Analytical Chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry)

09-01 Spectra-Guide/2 Hobbs (Concordia)
Guide to Spectra and Spectral Data Whitley (Arizona)
09-03 Sadtler Spectra-Guide/4 Whitley (Arizona)
Analytical Chemistry Lit-Guide/ Harkanyi (San Diego)
Analytical Chemistry-Bib/ Wiggins (Indiana)
09-06 Sadtler Standard Spectra/2 Unknown (Cal St, LB)
09-07 Accessing Genetics Databases/25 Primich (Michigan)
09-08 IR & NMR Spectra in Aldrich/2 Primich (Michigan)
09-09 Spectra & Sprectral Data-Guide/8 Primich (Michigan)
09-10 Crystallography-Guide/3 Primich (Michigan)
09-11 Cambridge Structural DB-Intro/8 Stipanovic (Indiana)
09-12 Genetics DBs and the Internet/2 Primich (Michigan)
09-13 Internet Resources: Mol Biol/8 Jourdan (Wisconsin)
09-14 Spectra & Data of Comp & Mat/1 Zass (ETH Zurich)
09-15 Internet Resources: Proteins/6 Jourdan (Wisconsin)
Sequence Searching of Proteins & Nucleic Acids/ Wiggins (Indiana)
Finding Spectra Kester (Roch Inst)

109 Analytical Chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry) (Commercial)

109-01 Analytical Abstracts Demonstration Disc (SilverPlatter/ Royal Society of Chemistry) (PC)
109-02 Mass Spectrometry Bulletin Demonstration Disk (Royal Society of Chemistry/Blackwell Scientific) (PC)
109-02 Sadtler IR Search Software Single Application Microsoft Windows Software (BIORAD Sadtler Division) (PC)

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