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31 / 131 Chemical Abstracts: Printed and Database

Updated: 9 January 2007

For lecture notes on this topic, see Chemical Information Sources Wikibook

As of 1 January 2007, this page is no longer updated at this site. Consult the CIIM Wiki to find a version that is being maintained.

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CAS Databases and Online Search Products

All Databases/Products

CAS Serving the Academic Community
The CAS Learning Center
CAS Support

SciFinder and SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Resources [Chemical Abstracts Service]
SciFinder Scholar Resources [Chemical Abstracts Service]
SciFinder Scholar Interactive Training [Chemical Abstracts Service]
SciFinder Scholar Help File [Chemical Abstracts Service]
ViewerLite download site for SciFinder Scholar (NB: Windows only. Install this before installing SciFinder Scholar. For 3D visualization) [Chemical Abstracts Service]
SciFinder Scholar Solutions [Chemical Abstracts Service]
Library Training Materials: SciFinder Scholar for Colour & Polymer Chemistry [Leeds University Library] (Workbook for hands-on traning)
Library Training Materials: SciFinder Scholar [Leeds University Library] (Workbook for hands-on traning)
SciFinder Scholar - Under the Hood [A. Ben Wagner, University at Buffalo]
SciFinder Scholar 2004 User Guide [Dana Roth, Caltech]
SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts) 2006 User Guide [Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford]
SciFinder 2006 Handout (Leah Solla, Cornell)

STN Express with Discover!

STN Express with Discover! Resources (PDF)
Using StereoSearch on STN via STN Express with Discover! (PDF)
Structure Searching in the CAS Registry File on STN Using STN Express with Discover
Structure Searching in CAS Online Using STN Express: An Introductory Workshop/ Baysinger (Stanford)

STN Easy

STN Easy Resources
STN Easy Quick Tips
STN Easy Help

STN on the Web

STN on the Web

Command Line Searching in CAS Databases

STN Resources
Using CAS Databases on STN
Using the CAS Registry File on STN

Using CAS Registry: Structure Searching (PDF FILE)


Partial Listing:


Tips for Searching the CA & Registry Files (CAS8721-0894)


CAS substance data
CAS Statistical Summary 1907-2005
Chemical Abstracts and CAS Online/ Baysinger (Stanford)
31-21 Introduction to Computer Searching of CA: STN (Mar 1992)/69 CINF Education Com
31-24 CAS ONLINE BASICS/2 Beckman (Indiana)
Making the Most Out of CAS ONLINE/ Wiggins (Indiana)
31-27 CAS ONLINE Registry File Helps/1 Miller (Notre Dame)
31-28 CAS ONLINE CA File Cheat Sheet/2 Miller (Notre Dame)
31-30 Chemical Abstracts (STN): Keyword Searching/2 Zass (ETH Zurich)
31-32 Chemical Abstracts (STN) Sample Search/4 Zass (ETH Zurich)
31-33 Chemical Abstracts (STN): Substructure Search in CA/2 Zass (ETH Zurich)
CAS ONLINE Cheatsheet: STN Version/ Baysinger (Stanford)
CAS ONLINE Academic Program Hours/ Wiggins (Indiana)
Finding and Verifying CAS Registry Numbers on STN/ Baysinger (Stanford)


CAS Patent Coverage in Chemical Abstracts

CD-ROM Version of Chemical Abstracts

CA on CD Quick Start Tips
Searching Chemical Abstracts on CDROM/ Lindstrom (University of British Columbia)

CAS PRINTED Products (Printed, AV, AND CBT Guides)

NOTE: Some of these are also useful for database searching.

CAS Printed Products
Chemical Abstracts
Beginner's Guide to Chemical Abstracts/ Macdonald (Waterloo)
131-01 How to Search Printed CA (print: CAS, 1993); also produced in 1996 in diskette PC and Macintosh versions.
131-02 How to Search Printed CA tear sheets/2 (CAS, 1994)
CAS General Subject Vocabulary Helper
CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms
Chemical Nomenclature and Subject Term Selection Aids: Annotated List/ Wiggins (Indiana)
31-23 How to Use Chemical Abstracts/2 Huber (UC, Santa Barbara)
31-31 Chemical Abstracts: History & Changes (1907-88)/1 Zass (ETH Zurich)
131-03 A World Leader in Scientific Information, videotape included in the kit: Colors of Chemistry: CA--Covering the Spectrum of Chemical Information (CAS)
131-05 Searching CA, or KAZ vs. the Gypsy Moth, videotape (CAS)
131-11 Finding and Verifying CAS Registry Numbers on STN (STN, 1993)


Chemistry: How to Find and Use CASŪ Registry Numbers, Molecular Formulae, and Chemical Names in the Chemical, Biomedical, and Business Databases
U-Search Tutorial at University of Texas, Austin/ David Flaxbart
Computer-Based Interactive Literature Searching for CSU-Chico Chemistry Students/ Ron Cooke
31-22 Introduction to Computer Searching of CA: DIALOG (Dec 1986)/35 CINF Education Com

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