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40 / 140 How to Teach Chemical Information

Updated: 16 September 2002

For lecture notes on this topic, see Chemical Information Sources Wikibook

As of 1 January 2007, this page is no longer updated at this site. Consult the CIIM Wiki to find a version that is being maintained.


40 How to Teach Chemical Information

Teaching Chemical Information/ (A Workshop Developed by the ACS Division of Chemical Information, Education Committee)
Chemistry and Chemistry Librarianship for Nonchemists A Workshop presented by Bartow Culp and Dana Roth, June 9, 1999 (PDF)
What is Chemical Information? by Gary Wiggins (after a presentation at the August 2000 ACS meeting; modified for the August 2002 ACS Meeting)
The Ideal Chemical Information Curriculum/ Carr/Somerville (from the 1st NCIS, June 1994)
40-03 Modern Chemical Information in the Curriculum (Made Easy)/20 Somerville (Presented at the Rocky Mountain Chemistry Chairs' Meeting, September 29, 1995)

See also:
Chemical Literature Guides: Bibliography & Index. For an update of that resource, see:
"Teaching and Using Chemical Information: An Updated Bibliography," by Carol Carr. Journal of Chemical Education v. 70 no. 9 (September 1993): 719-726. AND
"Teaching and Using Chemical Information: Annotated Bibliography, 1993-1998" Journal of Chemical Education v. 77 no. 3 (March 2000):412-422.

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