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CHEMINFO is a non-profit educational resource. All the images and pictures used on this site have only been used to enhance the meaining and beauty of its content. No monetary profits are being made from any of these used images.

square picture The square picture used on the CHEMINFO homepage, shown on the right, is a combination of four different pictures that have been collected from four different sources. These four individual pictures have been combined to form one image. The sources of these pictures are as follows:

The picture of the keyboard on the bottom-left corner and that of the book shelves on the top-left corner have been taken from This Web site provides a 'collection of royalty free photographic images'. It allows users to select from thousands of high-resolution royalty-free images that are ideally suited for use in advertising, brochures, reports, multimedia, websites, books, packaging and more.

The picture of students on the bottom-right corner has been taken from the Student Life and Diversity Web site at IUPUI, with proper permissions.

The other icons used on this Web site, for example on the 'contact us' page etc. have been taken from sites offering free clipart.

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