Gary D. Wiggins

  Librarian Emeritus

  BA, Indiana University, 1966.
  MA, Indiana University, 1968.
  MLS, Indiana University, 1971.
  PhD, Indiana University, 1985.

  E-mail: wiggins at

Mailing Address

739 E. Winslow Farm Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401 USA

Research and Creative Activities

During the latter part of my career as a chemistry librarian, I had a strong interest in the use of the Internet and the World-Wide Web by chemists and other scientists both as a complement to the formal system of publication and as a potential replacement for that system. As a consequence, I was interested in methods of coding chemical structures and data for presentation on the Web, XML and Chemical Mark-up Language (CML), and the associated efforts to apply metadata to chemical objects. I was a participant in the NIH-funded Chemical Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Collaboratory project at IU, and in the Reciprocal Net, an NSF-funded project of the IU Molecular Structure Center that is part of the US National Science Digital Library program. Another area of interest was the scholarship of teaching and learning about scientific information sources, particularly in chemistry. In that regard, we maintained for many years at Indiana University a portal to chemistry Web sites, CHEMINFO, and a guide to Web sites of interest to chemists, SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources in Chemistry. In 2006/2007, I converted the SIRCh pages to Wiki format, initially on a server at Indiana University and in 2010 at Wikibooks, the free book service offered at Wikipedia.

Teaching and Administration

From 1976-2004, I taught a one-semester-hour course entitled "Chemical Information Sources and Services". In 2010 the lecture notes for the course were published in a Wikibook format.

For many years, I also taught the Literature of Science and Technology course in IU's School of Library and Information Science.

In the fall of 2001, we began to teach both undergraduate and graduate programs in chemical informatics at Indiana University. On July 1, 2003, I assumed the position of Director of the Chemical Informatics and Bioinformatics Programs in the School of Informatics where I helped develop a Graduate Certificate in Chemical Informatics Program, the MS in Chemical Informatics (no longer offered), and the Chemical Informatics track of the PhD in Informatics. On October 1, 2007, I retired from Indiana University.


As liaison to the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS, now a department of the combined School of Informatics and Computing), I advised many graduates of the joint SLIS/Department of Chemistry MLS/MIS Chemical Information Specialist Program over the years. In the past, I have had the privilege of chairing both the Special Libraries Association Chemistry Division and the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Information (CINF).

Honors and Awards

In 1998, the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Information bestowed on me its highest honor, the Herman Skolnik Award, and in 2003, the CINF Meritorious Service Award. In 2007, I was selected to received the Patterson-Crane Award of the American Chemical Society's Columbus and Dayton Sections. That same year, the Special Libraries Association elected me to its Hall of Fame. The SLA Chemistry Division later created the Wiggins-Roth Award for Outstanding Service, named for me and long-time CalTech chemistry librarian, Dana Roth. At Indiana University, I was selected as the honoree for the William Evans Jenkins Award for Outstanding Librarianship in 1993. Service on the Bloomington Faculty Council led to the IU Bloomington Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and the systemwide (all eight IU campuses) W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service in 2000. The Indiana University School of Library and Information Science recognized me as a distinguished alumnus in 2001.

Hobbies, etc.

On a personal level, I am a musician of sorts (I play trombone and occasionally bang on a banjo). In 1978, I re-founded the Bloomington Community Band, an organization that had gone dormant for several years, but is thriving today with over 60 members and a vibrant concert schedule. I also play in the Bloomington Bones, the Swing Time Big Band, the Hoosier Hills Dixieland Band, and until recently, the Hungry Five German Band. In retirement, I have kept my fingers in some computer work as the listowner of several discussion lists and webmaster for some of the organizations with which I am affiliated. I volunteer in the Monroe County Historical Society Research Library, where I have created several indexes to documents in their collection. I have also served on the MCHS Boards of Directors, and am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Bloomington Community Band and the Indiana Chapter of Compassion & Choices. Netflix has found a vital place in our home since retirement, and I have discovered a real addiction to jigsaw puzzles and Scrabble. For over 40 years, I have been an avid collector of pewter. This led me to start an Internet business, Hoosier Pewter, to try to unload most of my collection so my two sons don't have to deal with over 850 pieces of pewter once I kick the bucket.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated: 12 November 2015