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Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, with information about our Web site that you might find useful.

What is this site all about?
CHEMINFO, Chemical Information Sources, is a resource designed to help people find and learn how to use Chemistry information resources on the Internet and elsewhere. It is a Chemistry Web guide that brings together all of the useful Web sites at Indiana University with significant chemical information content. For more information, see the About Us section of this site.

How has the information been organized on this site?
The main collections of resources present on this site can be accessed by clicking on any of the black-colored buttons located horizontally across the top of every page on this Web site.
The other navigation bar (red-colored), located at the left side of every page, contains additional links to sources that can help users gain better insight about this site.

What are the various resources on this site and how can I use them?
This site contains Chemistry-related resources that have been divided into four main categories. These resources can be accessed using the links (black buttons) located horizontally across the top of each page.

  1. Resource Guides: This first category contains two kinds of resources - one is called SIRCh that provides links to factual sources on the Web and the other is called CCIIM that provides links to materials on the Web that are designed to instruct people on how to use the reference tools that are relevant to Chemistry. A full text search of these resources is also available on this site.

  2. Databases: This next category contains links to various useful Chemistry-related databases that have been compiled at Indiana University and elsewhere. These databases can be utilized by using their corresponding search engines to locate the information of interest.

  3. Instructional Materials: This category will link you to the 'Chemical Information' courses currently being taught at Indiana University. These are undergraduate courses that are not only a part of the Chemistry curriculum, but also the Chemical Informatics program at the School of Informatics, Indiana University.

  4. Networking: This last category contains archives of all the Chemical Information Sources discussion lists. This section of the CHEMINFO website provides links to join/leave the list (, post messages to this list and browse through all the archives.
All the resources present on this site can be useful both to faculty and students all around the world.

How do I search for information on this Web site?
Since this Web site contains a lot of information, a Search feature has been provided here that searches does a full-text search through all the content present on the CHEMINFO Web site. A link to this search engine has been provided in the navigation bar (red) placed vertically on the left side of the screen.
The Site Map can also be used to locate specific information on this Web site. A link to this feature has also been provided in the vertical navigation bar at the left. The site map contains a categorized list of all the important links on this Web site in an organized fashion.

See the Contact Us section (link provided in the vertical navigation bar on the left) to get in touch with us if you have any further questions or concerns. We welcome your questions and input about our Web site.

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