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Chemical Information Courses currently being taught at Indiana University:

Chemical Informatics I (C371)
Basic concepts of information representation, storage, and retrieval as they pertain to chemistry.

Chemical Informatics II (C372)
Emphasis on organic and biochemistry, including molecular modeling.

Chemical Information Sources & Services (C471)
A survey course for BS Chemistry majors and MLS/MIS Chemical Information Specialist or MS Chemical Informatics graduate students.

Computer Sources for Chemical Information (C472)
This course teaches the skills to effectively utilize major computer-based chemical information tools found in academic and industrial environments, concentrating on CAS databases, Beilstein Crossfire, and the Cambridge Structural Database.

Chemical Information Technology (C571)
This graduate course covers chemical structure and data representation and search systems.

Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling (C572)
This graduate course covers molecular modeling, chemometrics, and computer-assisted drug design.

Additional Instructional Resource:

CCIIM (Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials) -
Provides Web links to materials that are designed to instruct people on how to use the reference tools that are relevant to Chemistry.

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