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  Resource Guides  

List of all the Resource Guides

SIRCh (Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry)

Index to SIRCh
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CCIIM (Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials)

Table of Contents
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List of all the Databases

Databases compiled or maintained at IU

Chemical Acronyms Database (CAD)
Chemical Reference Sources Database (CRSD)
Faculty Publications of the IU Department of Chemistry (FACPUB)
Indiana Dynamics Database (IDD)
Indiana University Molecular Structure Center (IUMSC)

Other free Databases on the Web

ChemFinder Searching (from CambridgeSoft Corporation)
Internet Grateful Med (IGM)
The NCBI WWW Entrez Browser
Protein Data Bank (PDB)
Class, Architecture, Topology, and Homologous Superfamily (CATH)
Toxicology Data Network at the National Library of Medicine (TOXNET)
Hazardous Substances Data Bank


  Instructional Materials  

List of all the Courses

Chemical Information Sources and Services (C471)

Objectives of this Course
Detailed Table of Contents
Lecture Notes and Outlines

Computer Sources for Chemical Information (C472)

Objectives of this Course
Lecture Notes and Outlines



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