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Keyword Searches in the CA File

Plan Your Work Before You Go Online
  1. Formulate a search statement. Identify key search terms
  2. Connect to STN (logon).

STN Express tip: Turn "Capture Transcript" on to create a transcript of your online session.

Work Your Plan Online

  1. Enter the CAplus FILE.
  2. EXPAND key search terms.
  3. Execute a preliminary SEARCH.
  4. Evaluate answers with D SCAN. Identify additional search terms.
    Revise query with new search terms and re-run search, as needed.
  5. DISPLAY results when you are satisfied with them. Formats in the CA file:
Reproduced with the permission of CAS, a Division of the American Chemical Society, from "Tips for Searching the CAplus & REGISTRY Files." (CAS9613-0298)