In-Class Demos

1.What will you demonstrate?

. Power of searching?

. Typical search for audience?

. Emphasize content or logistics (i.e., truncation symbol, how to print)?

2. Demonstrate access points to information.

. Combining several concepts (boolean)

. Avoiding nomenclature uncertainties (structures)

. Avoiding indexing limitations (headings vs free-text)

3. What if you cannot go online in class?

. Store results from earlier search and go through "screens".
- Can do in several ways:

         do PowerPoint capture

         take "snapshots" from Internet and store on desktop

         use word processing stored search

         use transparencies of actual search printouts


Article about Internet demos.

Using Netscape as a Presentation Manager  Van Bramer, Scott: ChemConf'97, Summer On-Line Conference on Chemical Education, June 1 - August 1, 1997. paper No. 1


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