Chemistry 313                                            Name _______________________

LIBRARY ASSIGNMENT - Due Thursday, February 22.  (Hand in to Dr. Shine)

1.      A number of substances are listed below under their common names.  Use
the Index Guide to find the names used by Chemical Abstracts, under which you
would need to look to find references to these substances.  Record also the
Registry Number of the substance when it is given.  You will be assigned
two of these substances.

        a.      Ampyrone                        n.      Oleic acid
        b.      Raffinose                       o.      Ethylenediamine
        c.      Acetylfuran                     p.      Cumene
        d.      Proprionitrile          q.      Mesityl oxide
        e.      Peracetic acid          r.      Myxin
        f.      Acephenanthrene         s.      Pipradol
        g.      Stearic acid                    t.      Methacholine Chloride
        h.      Cinnamic acid           u.      Phenolphthaline
        i.      Mannitol                        v.      Salicylamide
        j.      Glutamimide                     w.      Myristic acid
        k.      Azelaic acid                    x.      Cymene
        l.      Mesitylene                      y.      Acetone
        m.      Lidocaine                       z.      Quinizarin

        The substances assigned to you are:  ________________  and ________________ .

        Name used by Chemical Abstracts for ________________ 

                                Registry Number   ________________

        Name used by Chemical Abstracts for ________________ 

                                Registry Number   ________________

2.      Use the 9th collective Index to locate references for the synthesis of:

        CA reference :  ________________        :       ________________ 
                volume                  abstract number

        Journal reference:      Author:

                                Volume:         Pages:                  Year:

        Do we have this journal in Burrit Library?  ________________ 

        Attach a xerox copy of page of journal article where compound appears:
        If we do not have the journal, xerox abstract.
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