Internet Guides on Patents, Inventions and Technology Transfer


Kuester Law
Award-winning compendium of Internet legal sites, with a special focus on technology law and intellectual property.

Franklin Pierce Law Center
Leading independent law school focusing on intellectual property. Runs summer IP courses, publishes journals, etc. Maintains a good variety of links at the:

FPLC Intellectual Property Mall

Patent Portal
Developed by Richard S. Gruner, Professor of Law, Villanova, this site aims to identify the growing number of patent-related resources available on the Internet, to index and organize links to these resources in order to give this portal rapid access to the Internet's patent resources, and to present new materials on patent issues (such as the patentability of software and biotechnology discoveries) that are currently shaping patent law.

The Intellectual Property Reference Library
Broad collection of resources for inventors as well as for IP professionals.

Intellectual Property Center
Includes information on the marketplace, news, employment, practice areas, resources, tech law, and law firms. Provider: The New York Law Publishing Company.


The Lemelson-MIT Awards Program's INVENTION DIMENSION In 1994, one of America's most prolific inventors of all-time, the late Jerome H. Lemelson and his wife, Dorothy, established the Lemelson-MIT Awards Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This site includes information about the Lemelson-MIT Awards Program, many famous inventors in the "Inventor of the Week and archives" section, as well as Invention related links and resources covering areas such as hot research and development across the U.S., sites for kids and the kid in all of us, invention and innovation at MIT, resources for the inventor, and invention extensions.

The Mining Company
Includes wide variety of popular information on three broad areas: computer science, science, and inventors.

Technology Transfer

Stanford University. Office of Technology Licensing.
Entrepreneurial Information: Internet Tech Transfer Resources
Includes information on companies (finding, creating,
funding, managing access), commercial evaluation/market
research, technology transfer organizations, and legal

Patent Databases

Derwent's Patent Resource Center
Includes an overview of the history and development of patents, patent showcase - patents which have changed our lives, patent glossary, patent news, patent discovery, patent pointers, and document delivery. Derwent is a major database producer of patent information.
Patent Pointer
Full-text index of patent sites provides fast access to other patent
information resources on the web. Developed by Derwent, a major
database producer of patent information.
Questel-Orbit Guide to Patent Resources on the Internet
Includes Associations and Membership Organizations, Educational Institutions, Information Producer/Distributor, Patent Offices, and Other Intellectual Property Sites. Orbit Questel is a database producer and supplier of patent databases.

Guide to STN Patent Databases
Includes descriptions of all patent databases available through STN. Also includes main search strategies used to search patent files.
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