Elementary Chinese I
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2nd-year Chinese I
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3rd-year Chinese I
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4th-year Chinese I
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Chinese Writing & Rhetoric
C201 Second-Year Chinese I


1.Carry out a simple face-to-face conversation with ease. 
2.Narrate a simple story or describe an event of familiarity.
1.Connections I: A Cognitive Approach to Intermediate Chinese (CONN) 
2.Connections I: Workbook
Homework due
W1 Review INT L4-23        
W2 First Encounter CONN L1  1-8  pp.2-5 Ex G1-8 (5)+W1 Voc. First half/second helf
W3 School Life CONN L2  1-7  pp.6-9 Ex G1-7 (5,6) L1/ Voc. pp.10-11/11-12
W4 Holiday & Home Visit CONN L3  1-7  pp.10-17 Ex G1-7 (5) +W2 L2/Voc. pp.18-19/20-21
W5 Review    pp.18-19 Voc. L1-3/Exam L1-3
W6 Daily Life CONN L4  1-7  pp.22-25 Ex G1-7 (5,6) Voc. pp.39-40/41-42 
W7 Food & Health CONN L5  1-7  pp.26-29 Ex G1-7 (5) +W3 L5/Voc. pp.49-50/50-51
W8 Fashion & Life Style CONN L6  1-7  pp.30-33 Ex G1-7 (5,6) L6/Voc. pp.57-58/58-59
W9 Dating & Making Friends CONN L7  1-7  pp.34-37 Ex G1-7 (5) +W4 L7/Voc. pp.65-66/67-68
W10 Review    pp38-39 Voc. L4-7/Exam L4-7
W11 Love & Marriage CONN L8  1-7  pp.40-43 Ex G1-7 (5)+W5 Voc. pp.82-83/L9/Voc. pp.84-85
W12 Family & Gender Role CONN L9  1-7  pp.44-45 Ex G1-7 (5,6) Voc. pp.84-85/L10
W13 Thanksgiving Recess        Ex W6--a skit  
W14 Education & Career CONN L10  1-7  pp.52-57 Ex G1-7 (5) Voc. pp.92-94/95-97 
W15 Wrap-up         Voc. L8-10/Exam L1-10



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