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Chinese Writing & Rhetoric
C401/501 Fourth Year Chinese I


  1. Have an ability to utilize basic idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms as well as expand their repertoire of the "active" vocabulary, expressions and 

  2. grammatical structures introduced in the texts. 
  3. Have an ability to distinguish different literary types and styles and understand their basic rhetorical structures.  
  4. Listening:  To understand one-way, specialized speech in controlled contexts and to comprehend the gist of authentic media broadcast with supporting details.  
  5. Speaking: To discuss abstract and academic questions; to provide hypothetical propositions and defend your own view points in clear, connected 

  6. discourse; to handle unforeseen, complicated situations. 
  7. Reading:   To thumb through an article and understand its main points and important details; to apply reading strategies such as skimming, scanning, and guessing unknown words.  
  8. Writing:   To write cohensive and coherent prose for different purposes.  
1. Independent Reader (text, coursepack) 



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