Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
2nd-year Chinese I
2nd-year Chinese II
3rd-year Chinese I
3rd-year Chinese II
4th-year Chinese I
4th-year Chinese II
Chinese Writing & Rhetoric


The Chinese program offers comprehensive and coordinated language instruction from beginning to advanced levels and in both modern and classical domains.  Four levels of modern Chinese and two levels of classical Chinese are offered on a yearly basis.  Fifth Year Chinese was offered once in the past and may be offered in the future pending the needs of the students and the availability of resources.   In addition to general purpose language training, our program is building the Chinese for Specific Purposes (CSP) curriculum by starting Elementary Business Chinese I and II in 1997-1998, Intermediate
Business Chinese I and II in 1998-1999, and hopefully Advanced Business Chinese I and II in 1999-2000.  A dialect, Cantonese, is also offered regularly.
Fall Spring
C101 Elementary Chinese I C102 Elementary Chinese II
C201 Second-Year Chinese I C202 Second Year Chinese II
C301 Third-Year Chinese I C302 Third Year Chinese II
C401/501 Fourth Year Chinese I C402/502 Fourth Year Chinese II
C111 Elementary Business Chinese I C112 Elementary Business Chinese II
C211 Intermediate Business Chinese I C212 Intermediate Business Chinese II



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