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The Chinese program has grouped the following on-line learning resources into skills and levels of difficulties.  Hopefully they will help you strenthen your language skills and broaden your understanding of the Chinese culture. 

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  • ChinaVista (English Gateway) A full-service WWW site for those interested in China business, travel, and culture.
  • ChinaVista (Chinese Gateway)
  • Learning Chinese On-line  Include
    • Conversational Chinese Online (Samples only, students can request sound files and lessons through email)
    •  UCD Practical Chinese Reader Online Exercises (Lesson 8-20 so far, students do multiple choice drills, instructor and student receive the report automatically, uses Big codes, needs Chinese system)
    •  Online Reading Materials for All Levels (essays written by UCD students and other newspaper clips. in gb, big5 and hz codes, includes Harvard University's Chinese Archieve, good for intermediate and advanced level students)
    • Chinese Online Reading Assistant (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, for intermediate students, online glossary)
    • Chinese Character Genealogy (Online Chinese Dictionary by Rick Harbough, Univ. o Pittsburgh, find out character's pronunciation and possible words with this character, searchable using pinyin, radical, stoke count etc.)
    • Chinese Character Flashcards (Java Applet program displaying characters with pronunciation and meaning, 10 levels, about 1000 characters)
    • Animated Chinese Characters (animation shows characters stroke by stroke, characters are categorized, not searchable so far)
    • Listen to VOA and Learn Chinese (Voice of America news broadcast)
    • Chinese Language Maintenance Program, Michael Nelson and Learning Technologies (10 Lessons, listen, read and learn)
    • Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning (La Trobe University, online course, needs registration)
    • Practical Chinese Readers Movies (not accessible now)
    • Chinese Tutor (sentences with sounds)
    • Chinese Multimedia Tutorial (sentences with sounds)
    • Multimedia Project for Teaching and Learning Chinese, Hong Kong Univ.
    • Four Units of Conversational Mandarin Chinese (by T. Xie).
    • Conversational Shanghai Chinese (by B.Ao)
    • Animated Chinese characters which show you stroke orders of characters (by Ocrat Company)
    • 4. Character flashcards (about 1000 characters, by Erik Peterson)

    • In order to listen and view these learning materials, you may need Netscape 3.0 with the Chinese system. Download a free demo version of Chinese Pro (Lixiang Zhongwen) which never expires and allows you to input characters as well as to read them.

  • Chinese Character Pronunciations  Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliteration in Mandarin (pinyin) or Cantonese.  Follow links to online Chinese magazines and use this application to lookup pronunciations of unfamiliar words.  Requires Netscape 2.x, 3.x or Internet Explorer 3.x (uses JavaScript).
  • SCOLA  (Sattelite COmmunications for LeArning)   A special sattelite programming "educational TV" operation out in Iowa.  With an an "Insta-Class" page with Chinese RealAudio
  • Shanghai Joy FM  Shanghai's broadcast schedule plays 2 hours of live broadcast, seven days a week, in English and Mandarin, using RealAudio files.
  • VOA  Voice of America newscasts with sentence-by-sentence sound clips, Chinese characters, pinyin, and vocabulary lists with word definitions.  Updated weekly.  Requires the free RealAudio plugin (this is already
  • built-in to some browsers such as Internet Explorer 3.x).  Your computer must have a sound card to hear audio. (Intermediate-level Mandarin)
  • Voice of Taipei  The hottest broadcast in Taipei




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