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Placement Test
    The Chinese program offers placement test twice a year.  Following are the FAQs that may help address your concerns.

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  • Who should take the placement test?

  •         If you have studied or been exposed to Chinese language/culture before in programs or places other than IU and (1) would like to take Chinese here or (2) would like to get a certificate to prove that you have certain level of Chinese proficiency so that you can be waived from the foreign language requirement, you should take the test.
    Note 1:  You won't get credits just by taking the test.  Yet, granted a certificate of your Chinese language proficiency, you may satisfy the foreign language requirements of your program and can save some money and time to take other courses.
    Note 2:  If you are a Chinese from mainland China or Taiwan and have received at least junior high school education there, you should contact Chinese Program Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Liu, directly to arrange for an oral interview.  You may be able to skip the written portion of the placement test.
  • Why should I take the placement test?

  •         The placement test will help decide on what level and which course of Chinese at IU would best address your learning needs.  It is important to know that years of study have no direct relation with your level of language proficiency, which is what the test intends to examine.  You may be able to get into a higher level of Chinese course if you have been to China and obtained a considerable knowledge and skills of Chinese.  Getting into a right class will ensure that you won't waste money learning what you have already known or become overwhelmed by the challenges presented.
  • When could I take the placement test?

  •        You can take the placement test during the week before the fall/spring semester starts.  The specific time won't be decided till early August or late December.  You should call the East Asian Languagse and Cultures department to get the information.
  • Where should I go to take the placement test?

  •        Similarly, the place won't be decided till much later time.  So call in the EALC office to get the information.
  • What will I be tested?

  •        The placement test includes both written and oral components.  The written portion is comprised of the following parts: listening comprehension, vocabulary, structures, reading comprehension, translation, and composition.  The oral test is an interview conducted by the EALC faculty member to gauge your speaking proficiency.  You can choose to take the test either in traditional or simplified characters.  The test may last up to two hours.
  •  How should I prepare for the test?

  •        Since our placement test is designed for all levels of students and does not cover a specific range of materials or textbooks.  You cannot really prepare for it.  Yet, it will be helpful to review the things you have studied before or get into the mode of reading Chinese texts now.  Also, don't forget to bring a pencil with erasers on the testing date.

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