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    Pinyin Font
  • Pinyin tone marker macro for Word 97
  • TimesPinyin, a Macintosh Truetype font which permits the creation of all possible pinyin syllables, with and without tone marks.
  • Fonts and other information
  • Pinyin Fonts
  • Mac and Windows Pinyin Fonts
  • Mac and Windows Pinyin Fonts  A set of matched Windows and Mac fonts that have nice tone marks that can be put right over the vowels.
  • Freely-downloadable (and commercial) Pinyin fonts for typing tone diacritics over vowels for Pinyin romanization (for Windows and/or Mac platform).
  • Neouiue.  A program that generates Pinyin font for Mac.  The font is based on the standard New York font.  Contact David Prager Branner <>
  • GB2PINYIN can be downloaded from the CND Web Site.  A software that can automatically turn Chinese characters into Pinyin or assign Pinyin to a Chinese character.

  • Add Pinyin
  • Add Pinyin  A web based application that will add pinyin to a web page specified by the user. You can tell it to only show pinyin for less frequently used characters and you can also have it show pinyin every time a character appears or just the first time.
  • Add Pinyin by Prof. Chinchuan Cheng.  A free macro for MS Word 6.0 (16 bits) and Word 7.0 (32 bit) that changes big5 characters into Pinyin with tones.  Need a disclaimer against commercial purposes.  Contact Prof. Teng Shou-hsin <>

  • Input Method
  • Wubi input method tutorial
  • Cangjie input method

  • Conversion Tool
  • Freeware by Fung F. Lee and Ricky Yeung  Convert GB to big5, big5 to GB, and also handle HZ conversion.
  • Bamboo Helper  Convert Big 5 coded characters into Pin Yin and generate flashcards for the characters that are not in your known vocabulary.  It runs on any computer that has a DOS window.

  • Internet Related
  • ChinesePro 5.01 for the Internet   A PC program that doesn't require fiddling with settings, but is no longer available from ChinaPro.  Downloadable from UCSD's CJK software archive.
  • Chinese yahoo homepage (Big5)  If using Windows95/NT, you need to download and install the Unicode-based Chinese fonts for viewing Big5 and/or GB in Netscape Communicator 4.0
  • Chinese yahoo homepage (GB)
  • Chinese Net Searches  Similar toU.S. search services such as Yahoo, Lycos, and Excite, where the site presents a directory of topic links. The user can click on any topic link and access a list of specified sites.
  • AltaVista Search Engine   Support searching on Chinese text (if user preferences are first set appropriately).
  • China Search Tool (Hyper-C database)  Index hundreds of China-related websites, documents, news articles and multimedia files every week.  Links in the database can be browsed, using the frames-based  browsing page, or searched directly using the boolean search interface.  You can add your site.
  • WWW Tools for Instructors by City University of Hong Kong.  Helps instructors use the WWW by providing infrastructure tools, e.g., a system for delivering creating and organising on-line quizzes, a system to answer Frequently Asked Questions, a method of collecting assignments, a way of automatically testing student's computer programs and a photo album system to help instructors remember their students.
  • Quizzes Online  A system to help instructors create and administer quizzes through the WWW for formative assessment.  All they need to do is to type the questions (multiple choice and fill in the blank types) and answers.
  • Mandarin text-to-speech system (Big5) (GB) by the Bell Labs.  Can paste Chinese text (GB BIG5 or pinyin) into a form, and the computer will read the chinese aloud.
  • The Chinese Language Related Information Page




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