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Following is a listing of all conference sessions arranged by division. Click on the title to open a PDF version of the paper or presentation where available.  

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Cooperative and Experiential Education Division (CEED)



CEED 312  Looking Forward and Learning from the Past

Moderator:  Gayle Elliott, University of Cincinnati


Presenters:  Ilka Balk, University of Kentucky

                    Sandra English, Cleveland State University

                    Susan Matney, North Carolina State University

                    Craig Gunn, Michigan State University

CEED 322 Overcoming the Barriers to Co-op

Moderator:   Erin Minta, Florida Institute of Technology 


Presenters:   John Bau, University of Connecticut

                     Ana Wieman, University of Washington

                     Matthew Jensen, Florida Institute of Technology

CEED 332 Future Trends – Systems Thinking for Co-ops and Internships                    

Moderator:   Woodrow Whitlow, Cleveland State University


Presenters:   Cindy Veenstra, Veenstra and Associates

                     Julie Furst-Bowe, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

                     Reginald McGregor, Rolls Royce

CEED 422  Preparing Students for Co-op: Successful Co‑ops, First Co-ops and Success in Full-Time Job Searching and Beyond

Moderator:  Robin Hammond, Arizona State University


Presenters:  Jan Vanselow, Northeastern University

                    Erin Yokay-Basso, Northeastern University

                    Kyle Liechty, Michigan State University

                    Bernadette Friedrich, Michigan State University

CEED 432  Experiential Learning Pathways for Junior and Senior STEM Students: A Model for Incorporating Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Entrepreneurship Experiences

Moderator:   Thomas Demmon, Grand Valley State University


Presenters:   Lisa Massi, University of Central Florida

                     Jackie Herold, University of Central Florida

CEED 442  Preparing Students for Success in Full-time Job Searching and Beyond

Moderator:   Vickie Kuntz, University of Toledo


Presenters:   Kerri Beiswenger, Northeastern University

                     Alison Noguerira, Northeastern University

CEED 522 Re-establishing a Talent Pipeline in a Post-Recession Economy

Moderator:   Edna Grover-Bisker, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Presenters:   Thomas Demmon, Grand Valley State University

                      Jill Flood, University of Cincinnat

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College Industry Partnership (CIPD) 




CIPD 313  Where have we been and where are we headed: Past, Present and Future Reflections as a Division

Moderator:  Linda Krute, North Carolina State University


Presenters:  Lucy Morse, University of Central Florida

                    Jack Selter, University of Central Florida

CIPD 323  CMC/CIP Roundtable: Building a Bigger Tent for the Future   

Moderator:  Ron Madler, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Presenters:  Diane Matt, WEPAN

                    Dan Sayre, John Wiley, Inc.

CIPD 333  What Industry Wants and Needs                             

Moderator:  Letha Hammon, DuPont


Panelists:    Charles Baukal, John Zink Institute

                    Maria (Lolo) Penedo, Northrop Grumman

                    David Schmueser, Altair Engineering, Inc.

CIPD 423   Innovative Partnerships to Provide Students with Skills Industry Needs

Moderator: Lori Glover, MIT

    Session A: The Engineering Ambassador Network

Presenters:  Christine Haas, Engineering Ambassadors Network

                     Kimberly Harrison, The Boeing Company

    Session B: A Unique Industry-Education Collaboration

Presenter:   Maj D. Mirmirani, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

CIPD 433  Successful Partnerships between Academia and Industry

Moderator:  Beth Bryant, Georgia Institute of Technology


Panelists:    James Sember, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC), University of Wisconsin, Madison

                    Nick Nagel, Triumph Aerospace

                    John Gilligan, Power America: The Next Generation Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute North Carolina State University

                    Diran Apelian, Metal Processing Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CIPD 443  Future of Engineering Education: An IEEE Report

Moderator:  Linda Thurman, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


Presenter:   Susan Lord, University of San Diego

CIPD 523  Potpourri of New Initiatives in Engineering Education Programs

Moderator:  Charles Baukal, John Zink Institute

    Session A: EnCorps STEM Teacher Program for Professions and Military Veterans

Presenter:  Katherine Wilcox, EnCorps

    Session B: Disruptive Technologies = New opportunities for Academic/Industry Partnerships

Presenter:  Lori Glover, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration



Wednesday Plenary Session: Engineering Education: Past, Present and Future—A Socratic Dialogue


A distinguished panel of representatives from industry and academia will discuss issues related to the conference theme

and how past and present experiences might lead to new paths in engineering and engineering technology curricular,

professional development programs, coop and internship experiences, and academic-industry partnerships. There will

be time for the audience to reflect upon the thoughts presented during the panel discussion and question or comment

upon the issues discussed. Representatives have been selected to represent the four divisions of CIEC. Come and join us

and see if you agree with the panelist on how engineering education has changed and what direction we might need to

go in the future.


Moderator:   Ed Borbely, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Panelists:    Howard Appelman, The Boeing Company

                    Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology

                    Andy DiPaolo, Stanford University

                    Julie Furst-Bowe, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

                    Walter Buchanan, Texas A & M University

                    Patricia Fox, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

                    John Gilligan, North Carolina State University

                    Anette M. Karlsson, Cleveland State University

                    Ron Madler, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

                    John Mastrototaro, Medtronic

                    Reginald McGregor, Rolls-Royce

                    Yannis C. Yortsos, University of Southern California


Wednesday Industry Day Luncheon

Moderators:   Dan Sayer, Wiley, Corporate Member Council

                       Linda Krute, NC State University, CIEC 2015 Chair

Wednesday CIEC 40th Anniversary Gala Banquet


Thursday CIEC Awards Luncheon

Hosts:  Ron Madler, CIEC Board Chair

            Linda Krute, NC State University, CIEC 2015 General Conference Chair

            Mark Schuver and Mitch Springer, Purdue University, CIEC 2016 Conference Chairs

            Ken Rennels, IUPUI, CIEC 2014 General Conference Chair

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Continuing Professional Development Division (CPDD)




CPDD 203  Workshop: Managing Your Brand—How to Thrive in a Competitive Global Market

Moderator:   Wayne Pferdehirt, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Workshop Facilitators:    Terri Gaffney, University of Idaho

                                         Pat Hall, University of Tulsa


Panel:    Michele Jacobs, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing at Western Union Digital Ventures

              Paul Marca, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Professional Development

CPDD 314  Continuing Professional Development—Past, Present and Future

Moderator:  Meghan Balding, University of Southern California

    The Past: A timeline and past milestones of Continuing Professional Development

Presenter:  Soma Chakrabarti, University of Delaware

    The Present: Iowa State Engineering-LAS Online Learning and Open SUNY

Presenters:  Thomas Brumm, Iowa State University

                    Kim Scalzo, State University of New York

    The Future: A Panel with three visionaries who will state how they see the future of Continuing Professional Development.

Presenters:  Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute of Technology

                    Edward Borbely, University of Michigan

                    Paul Marca, Stanford University

CPDD 324  Engaging Industry in the Post-Recession World

Moderator: Zachary Gredlics, University of Kansas


Presenter: Karl Theisen, Arizona State University

CPDD 334  Partnerships that Perform—It Takes More than Good Intentions

Moderator:   Jeffrey Goss, Arizona State University


Presenters:  Sue Bray, New Vistas

                    Kim Scalzo, State University of New York

CPDD 424  You want to teach what from where?!

Moderator:  Tamra Swann, Mississippi State University


Presenter:  Marty Ronning, University of Maryland

CPDD 434  International Partnerships in Continuing Engineering Education: Best Practices and Considerations for Future Global Expansion

Moderator:  Octavio Heredia, Arizona State University


Presenters:  Zachary Gredlics, University of Kansas

                    Soma Chakrabarti, University of Delaware

CPDD 444  Best Practices in Faculty Compensation to Incentivize Distance Learning Participation

Moderator:   Rita Burrell, Mississippi State University


Presenters:  Tom Brumm, Iowa State University

                    Mitchell Springer, Purdue University

                    Mark Schuver, Purdue University

CPDD 524  Serendipity in Entrepreneurship: Engineering Your Own Breaks

Moderator:  Kim Scalzo, State University of New York


Presenters:  Kevin Curry, University of Kansas Continuing Education

                    Jeffrey Blessing, Milwaukee School of Engineering

                    Joe Levens, Pittsburg State University


CPDD 534  Engineering Education: Past, Present and Future

Moderator: Erin Tanaka, University of Southern California

    Session A: “The [Students] They Are a Changin…”


    Session B: Quality vs Quantity: Running the Academy as a Business

Presenters:  Mitch Springer, Purdue University

                    Mark Schuver, Purdue University


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Engineering Technology Division (ETD)




ETD 315  The History of Engineering Technology and Engineering Education as It Has Developed in the United States

Moderator:   Walt Buchanan, Texas A&M University


Presenters:  Lawrence J. Wolf, Oregon Institute of Technology

                    Rod L. Flanigan and Dale S. Porter, University of Nebraska at Kearney

                    Amos St. Germain, Wentworth Institute of Technology

                    Marjaneh Issapour, Farmingdale State College and Keith Sheppard, Stony Brook University

                    Don Ploger, Florida Atlantic University

                    Walt Buchanan, Texas A&M University

ETD 325 Nuts and Bolts of Engineering Technology Division

Moderator:  Keith Johnson, East Tennessee State University


Presenters:  Walt Buchanan, Texas A&M University

                    Marilyn Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology

                    Keith Johnson, East Tennessee State University

                    Ken Rennels, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

ETD 335 Collaborations that Strengthen Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs

Moderators:  Patricia Fox and Charles McIntyre, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Presenters:   Doug Acheson, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

                     Sofia Vidalis and Joseph Cecere, Penn State University, Harrisburg

                     Emory Zimmers and Charalambos Marangos, Lehigh University, Zephyros, Inc.

                     Masoud Fathizadeh, Purdue University Calumet

                     Regena L. Scott and Edie K. Schmidt, Purdue University

                     Charles McIntyre and Patricia Fox Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

 ETD 435 Engineering Technology National Forum (ETNF)

Moderator:  Bob Herrick, Purdue University


Presenters:  Ken Burbank, Purdue University

                    Jeff Ray, Western Carolina University

                    Ron Land, Penn State University

                    Pat Fox, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

ETD 445 More Women and Girls in STEM: How To

Moderator:  Helen McNally, Purdue University


Presenter:   Donna Milgram, Executive Director, Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science (IWITTS)

ETD 455  The Dean’s Panel

Moderator:  Ken Burbank, Purdue University


Presenters:  Verna Fitzsimmons, Kansas State University

                    Steve Cobb, Murray State University

                    James Frendeway, Michigan Technological University

ETD Poster Presentations         


Poster Presenters:

Growing Globally through a Diverse Supply Chain Student Body Population

Shirl Donaldson and Edie K. Schmidt, Purdue University


Methodology for Educating Future Aviation Technologists on ASTM Turbine Fuel Standard Specifications

Gozdem Kilaz, Ronald F. Bender, and Ronald Sterkenburg, Purdue University


Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Can Benefit from Students Final Project and Enhancing Student Learning Experience in Lean Manufacturing: A Case Study

Shweta Chopra, Kim Deranek, and Chad Laux. Purdue University


Creating the Comfort Zone for Diversity and Inclusion

Rebecca G. Book, Pittsburg State University


Industry-Education Partners Prepare the Next Generation Manufacturing Workforce

Diane Dostie, Regional Advanced Machining Partnership

Karen Wosczyna-Birch, Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing


Waters Course through Time

Edward T. Davis, Queensborough Community College


Capstone Marketplace: A DOD Project

Michael DeLorme, Stevens Institute of Technology


Startup Firms Can Benefit From Engineering Technology Capstone Courses

Robert Durkin, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Designing and implementing a portal for small to medium design projects for Electronics Technology Faculty

Rajeev Agrawal and Howard Hardiman, North Carolina A & T State University

    ETD Mini Grant Winners:

Design of Simulation-Based Laboratories for Teaching Wireless Network Technologies

Te-Shu Chou, Phil Lunsford, and Keith Thomson, East Carolina State University


Enhancing Programming Skills of Engineering and Technology Students Using an Object-Oriented Multidimensional Desktop Virtual Reality (dVR) Framework

Magesh Chandramouli and Justin Heffron, Purdue University Calumet.


Cost Effective Training in Cyber Security

Jane LeClair, National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College

ETD 525  Future of Engineering Technology Education—Graduate Programs

Moderator:  Ken Rennels, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


PresentersAndy Jackson, East Carolina University

                    Saeed D. Foroudastan and Dianna J. Prince, Middle Tennessee State University

                    George Yang, Missouri Western State University

                    N. Athula Kulatunga, Purdue University

                    Ken Rennels, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

ETD 535 Potpourri of Creative Ideas

Moderator:  Mike Strange, California Maritime Academy


Presenters:  Marilyn A. Dyrud, Oregon Institute of Technology

                    Richard Gilbert, University of South Florida and Marilyn Barger, Florida Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence

                    Abi Aghayere, Drexel University

                    Austin C. Cheney, Eastern Illinois University

                    Y. Gene Liao and David T. Fu, Wayne State University

                    George E. Comber and Kerry N. Tobin, Weber State University

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