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Why Innovate?

Union Street Center

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning very purposefully includes the word “innovative” in our title.  More than a buzzword, the concept of innovation provides us with a clear focus for our work and recognizes the outstanding efforts of our faculty and instructors at Indiana University Bloomington. 

We view innovation in a flexible way, one that applies to teachers of all levels.  It can mean helping instructors try out small new approaches in response to challenging classroom situations, or introducing a new technology tool designed to enhance student learning, or even developing pioneering instructional approaches that nobody has tried before.  Our goal is to help instructors explore new ways of teaching, share their successes with colleagues, and continually enhance the quality of teaching and learning at the university.  Whether the innovation is at the personal, departmental, or even university-wide level, CITL is ready to support all efforts at improving teaching and learning at Indiana University.

CITL continually seeks out examples of innovative teaching and learning at IUB, and we will share those examples on this website and in other ways.  If you have success stories to share, please contact us so we can all learn from your work.

  • Local Innovations

    Follow ongoing efforts to innovate in the curricula, implement powerful pedagogies in and beyond the classroom, and enhance student learning and engagement at IUB.

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  • Faculty Spotlights

    CITL seeks to engage teachers in an active and ongoing process of reflection and growth, encouraging instructional innovation at all levels.

    Our featured faculty are enhancing teaching and learning both through individual adoption of new methods and through far-reaching approaches that extend to the cutting-edge of instruction.

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  • Featured Publications

    See what CITL staff members are currently reading—a "staff picks" list of interesting books, articles, and websites.

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